Top 10 Detergent Brands in India – Review & Buying Guide

Detergents are water-soluble cleaning agents (surfactants) which combine with impurities and dirt to make them more soluble thereby removing the impurity from the intended material or surface. Detergents are made from petrochemicals or oils and fats. Detergents are commonly available in liquid (concentrated solutions) or powder forms. The Indian market is well stocked with various detergents but liquid detergents are more prevalent amongst consumers especially for the removal of oil and grease stains.

Buying Guide

As much quality as possible has been put into the various brands examined above, it is necessary to stipulate some guidelines and considerations in making proper choices in the purchase of India with a large population and a large market.


It is necessary to consider the impact on the pocket of the consumer as detergents are household effects that require consistency in use which means they will regularly be purchased. As such, detergents that are within reach of the income of the household should be engaged for use regularly.

Production Material

Detergents are generally derived from petrochemicals (derived from petroleum products) or oleochemicals (derived from fats and oils). The Ariel Matic Top Load liquid is derived from Oleochemicals (fats and oils) as it uses enzyme technology for deep stain removal. Others such as Nirma Advanced Washing Powder are derived from Petrochemicals.

Packaging Efficiency

Packaging of detergents is essential in continuous storage, attractiveness and increased shelf life. Products such as ariel, surf among others have practical packaging options.

1) Surf Excel

Surf of the British Dutch multinational company Hindustan Unilever was at a time the only detergent present in India. Launched in Pakistan in 1948 by Unilever, it was introduced into the country in 1959. Today the original blue Excel washing powder has been replaced by the Surf Excel although it still goes by its initial name of surf.

It has a reputation for removing stubborn stains from food stains, mud, thanks to its X-Tra clean particles. It also features lemon for bleaching clothes while retaining their colors. It is safe for washing machine use, providing the needed amount of lather.

The surf excel has the power of 10 hands. Its super-smooth powder dissolves easily in water and is tough on stains. Simply pre-soak fabrics with tough stains for 30 minutes and watch the stains slip off. It is great for both hand and machine wash. To get the best results, use 2 scoops for hand wash and 3 scoops for machine wash.


  • It has the power of 10 hands
  • It has a super smooth powdered finish
  • It fights tough stains from oil, ketchup, curry stains and other tough stains
  • It is great for both hand and machine wash
  • It is gentle on colored garments


  • It is great for colored garments
  • It is tough on stains


  • It requires pre-soaking to get the best result

2) Ariel

A flagship product from Procter & Gamble a multinational consumer goods company of American origin, Ariel has made a lot of waves since its arrival in India in the early 90s. Although a bit pricier, it has become one of the more popular detergent brands in India, thanks to its indisputable quality. The product has continued to revolutionize coming in Ariel 24hour’s fresh and Ariel Matic. It has a bleach-free chemical ingredient to retain colors and the Ariel super soaker caters to the needs of families without a large budget. It is the top choice for use in a washing machine.

This detergent is designed for the tough removal of stains in a single wash. Specially designed to offer brilliant stain removal in front-loading machines in just a maximum of two scoops. It provides deep down cleaning and long-lasting freshness.


  • Removes tough stains and protects fabric colors in one wash
  • It is designed specifically for washing machines
  • The unique cap prevents spillage
  • The New Brightguard Technology protects colors


  • It can be used for hand and machine wash
  • It leaves a long-lasting freshness on fabrics


  • It is quite expensive

3) Nirma

With a base in Ahmedabad, Nirma rules the hinterlands of India. Launched in 1969, Nirma made an impression on the market with its exceptionally low prices and high quality. At the time it was the cheapest brand on the market and won the hearts of Indians with its catchy jingle “Washing Powder Nirma”. It has held its place as one of the top washing powder since then.

The classic Nirma surf maintains the inherent quality of your fabrics. It maintains its softness and is suitable for all fabric types such as lace, silk and wool. It is great for hand and machine wash.


  • It is suitable for all fabric types
  • Works great in the hardest kind of water
  • Makes whites whiter and keeps colored fabrics colored


  • It can be used in all parts of India thanks to its workable nature irrespective of the hardness of water
  • It is very affordable


  • It still leaves much to be desired as regards machine wash

The presentation could be better

4) Patanjali

Patanjali takes a different turn in the manufacturing of detergent with its infusion of herbal contents. These herbs include neem, lemon and rose and are gentle on your skin. Patanjali doesn’t contain any harsh or harmful chemicals and still does an exceptional job on fabrics. It not only caters to your clothes, but it is also gentle on your hands and skin. With lemon comes an added bit of freshness and with neem, it takes on an anti-bacterial form. It fights tough stains from sweat, protects your clothes against fading and does a great job deep cleaning fabrics. It can be used in a washing machine.

Patanjali makes a detergent Powder that is gentle on your skin and tough on stains. The herbal property of neem, lemon and rose peculiar to Patanjali brightens and disinfects clothes while keeping them fresh and clean. All of these it does while protecting your skin.


  • It is 1kg
  • It has an Ayurvedic formula which protects your skin against chemicals and pollutants
  • The herbal qualities remove the stench from clothes
  • The neem herb makes it antibacterial


  • It is a top-quality detergent powder
  • It leaves clothes looking clean and smelling fresh
  • It protects your hands and skin


  • It appears to be that Patanjali cares more about your skin than your clothes

5) Wheel

Wheel is a low priced detergent from Hindustan Unilever created to rival Nirma in the local markets of India. Before its arrival, Nirma was the detergent of choice for medium and low-income earners in India. Appearing first as a detergent cake, it evolved into a detergent powder costing less. Expectedly, it drew in customers in no time due to its lesser price. It is available in three flavors of jasmine, lemon and orange.

Wheel adds its flavor of lemon and jasmine to the Green Detergent Powder. The 1kg powdered detergent washes away tough stains and leaves a lasting freshness on your clothes.


  • It is 1Kg
  • It has 2 flavor choices of lemon and jasmine.
  • It can be used in washing machines


  • It is great for washing clothes and cleaning bathrooms.
  • It can be used in a washing machine
  • It has decent packaging


  • It focuses more on price than quality

6) Tide

From the stables of Procter & gamble comes Tide. As with its sibling Ariel, it is quite popular on the market and a great choice for many. Headquartered in Cincinnati Ohio, Procter & gamble live up to their name with the Tide. It quickly dissolves in water, giving off a lot of lather and high-quality cleanliness. It works great at removing tough stains in hard to reach areas such as collars and cuffs. It works well irrespective of the temperature of the water and its color safe feature retains colors and makes white brighter. It is washing machine safe and keeps clothes scented for longer.

Tide Plus Extra Power detergent gives you brilliant brightness. It removes stains from hard to reach areas with the ‘power of bar’. It dissolves easily in water and minimal use gives you maximum results.


  • It is 8kg
  • It has 2k free included
  • It has the power of bar
  • It dissolves easily in water
  • It comes in lemon and mint flavors


  • It is great value for your money


  • It has been reported to be only 7kg

7) Rin

From the stables of Hindustan Unilever comes Rin. Launched in 1969, the Rin bar was made for middle-income families with a desire for fresh clean clothes. It is affordable and high quality for families on a budget. In 1994, Hindustan introduced the Rin detergent powder. Today the Rin detergent gives clothes washed a machine a great shine with a scent of lemon and rose users find refreshing and irresistible.

The Rin supersaver pack makes your fabrics as bright as new. Its easy dissolution recipe penetrates and dislodges the toughest stains without leaving behind any detergent residue on the fabric. It can be used for bucket and machine wash. The Rin detergent is available in different sizes. A scoop does it for bucket wash and a double of that for machine wash.


  • Dissolves easily in water
  • Leaves clothes without residue
  • It can be used for hand and machine wash
  • It leaves behind a fragrance of freshness


  • It leaves clothes brighter
  • It can be used for hand and machine wash
  • It penetrates tough stains


  • The quality could be better

8) Fena

The local detergent company is truly Indian and domiciled in New Delhi. It is made for a premium washing experience from ingredients that remove dirt and stains from coffee and grease. It leaves clothes sparkly white and its aroma of Chandan and rose leaves a lasting and refreshing fragrance on fabrics. It is great for machine and bucket wash. It works excellently in hard or soft water and dissolves instantly in hot and cold water. It is gentle on your skin.

The reasonably priced Fena has been around for about 4 decades and has held its own on the FMCG market in India. This is thanks to its amazing quality and affordable price. It has an excellent bleaching formula and leaves Whites whiter. Despite its age, the makers of this detergent have moved with the times and adapted it to suit machine uses.


  • It is reasonably priced
  • It is 1kg


  • It is very affordable
  • It is an excellent bleaching detergent


  • It is not well adapted for machine wash
  • The packaging is reminiscent of its age
  • It doesn’t retain colors

8) Henko

Produced by Jyothy Laboratories, Henko is a fast-moving washing powder in India. The washing powder from Kerala is a top player for fabric whiteners in India. It removes dirt, germs and grime from clothes in an instant. It dissolves tough stains from oil and ink in a matter of minutes thanks to its oxygen power. It keeps fabrics lint-free, freeing it from stains trapped in that gives it a rough, faded, tired and dull look. It is available for Front and Top load washing machines.

The smooth powdered detergent from Henko is your solution to fading, color loss and stain removal. It leaves clothes smelling fresh.


  • It comes with a free 1kg worth of detergent
  • It is tough on stains from ink, oil, chocolate and mud
  • It is gentle on your clothes
  • It removes tough stains in one wash


  • It is a great bleaching detergent


  • It is not compatible with colored garments

9) Ghadi

The local brand by Rohit Surfactants Pvt Ltd based in Kanpur has produced a detergent that has risen in ranks to be regarded among the top 10 washing powders in India. It is a top-quality washing powder that understands the peculiar washing needs of India and meets that requirement.

The top quality Ghadi removes the dirt and dullness from clothes leaving behind a pleasant scent. It dissolves easily and completely without leaving any residue on your clothes.


  • It is 3kg
  • It leaves a pleasant fragrance
  • It is great for white and colored garments


  • It removes tough stains


  • It is not well adapted for machine wash


Choosing a suitable detergent may seem simple but it is well understood that striking a balance between affordable pricing, environmentally friendly production material, high efficiency and the product packaging is an arduous task. It is hoped that this article is of great aid in making a choice.

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