The Best Drill Machine in India 2021: Review and Buyer’s Guide

Drill machines have long been of great use to many households across the world. India is no exception. If you are looking to buy a top-class quality drill machine in India, you have reached the right place. We have compiled and broken down the five best drill machines for your utility.

Best Drill Machine In India

Finding a good drill machine has many layers to it. The best drill machine has a few characteristics and tendencies that set it apart from the rest. Right from the grip to the vibrations and its stability, everything needs to be taken into account. The following list contains the best five drill machines across India.

Top Five Drill Machines in India 2021

  1. iBELL IBL ED06-91 High-Speed Electric Drill

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The IBELL Drill Machine is a corded drill machine with an ergonomically designed handle that allows smooth, one-handed usage. It can be used to drill holes in the major surfaces – metal, wood and plastic. The speed of the drill is variable and can be controlled with a sensitive trigger. This is the best Drill Machine For Home Use. The red colour gives this drill machine a good look.

This is 400w corded drill machine, with 10mm of chunk capacity. You can use this drill with one hand easily.

This allows for access to tight spaces. It also has a speed dial that allows you to change the speed of the drill according to your requirements. One can also use the ‘Lock on’ mode which allows users to keep the drill running continually when doing time-consuming work.


  • Easy one-handed usage
  • Can lock speed for time consuming work
  • Trigger sensitive speed control allows for precision drilling
  • Durable thanks to power to size ratio
  • Speed dial
  • Compact size
  • Powerful drill
  • Excellent power to size ratio
  • Forward/Reverse speed


  • Cannot be used to drill concrete walls
  1. Cheston 10mm Drill Machine


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A really slick and well-designed drill machine, the Cheston offers users a variety of utilities and pleasure of handling. It has a very efficient cooling system and can be used for various surfaces like wood, metal, plastic, and masonry concrete. It comes with ergonomic handling and 5 pcs wall bits and 13HSS bits for greater flexibility in drilling. This comes under Top 10 Drilling Machine Companies In India.

It also has a power lock button which helps with continual drilling on any of the surfaces. It has a speed of 2600 RPM with a power of 350 watts.


  • Ergonomic handling
  • Can be used for wood, plastic, metal and concrete
  • Lock button helps with continual drilling
  • Lightweight
  • Less vibrations
  • Wall, metal and wood drilling
  • Sturdy
  1. Bosch GSB 500W Professional Tool Kit

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This drill machine kit from Bosch covers a wide range of drilling needs. The machine works well with surfaces like masonry, steel and wood. It has different drills with specific diameters for each of the surfaces.

Thanks to its robust motor, the drill have great power and is very durable in spite of being comparatively light. The kit comes with 100 different accessories apart from the drill. We found that the drill along with the kit is very portable.


  • Comes with over 100 accessories, like a claw hammer, adjustable wrench, screwdriver bits, metal drill bits, spirit level, and adjustable knife
  • Can be used on surfaces like cement walls, steel, and wood.
  • Durable
  • Variable drill diameters
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Easily portable
  • Long-lasting material
  • Electronic control technology
  • 20 mm max capacity in wood
  • 8 mm max capacity in metal
  • 10 mm max capacity in concrete and masonry


  • The drill bit needs to be tightened properly so that it does not get loose
  1. Black & Decker KR554RE Variable Speed Reversible Hammer Drill Machine

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The Black & Decker Drill Machine is very compact yet powerful. Apart from 550 watts power and 13 mm chuck capacity, it possesses 600 BPM and 800 RPM. It has a hammering mode that provides the speed and power to drill into various surfaces like masonry, wood, and steel.

The speed of the drill is variable and can be controlled through the fingertips. It features an ergonomic design that enables smooth and swift usage.


  • Variable speed
  • Insulated and shockproof body
  • Lock-on button
  • Easy to change bits
  • Reverse function for screwing
  • Dual drilling modes
  • Ergonomic design
  • Side handle


  • Metal drill bits not included
  1. Bosch GSB 500RE Tool Set

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It’s Best Cordless Drill Machine In India. This blue colored compact kit features a host of accessories along with the drill that accentuates and simplify the drilling experience. It has 500 watts of power along with 100 millimeters of drilling diameter. This is one of the Top 10 Drill Machine In India.

It is very easy to use and is perfect for minor repairing or plumbing work along with mounting photo frames on walls. It can be used on surfaces like wood, concrete, tile, and metal. It also features variable speeds. It has dual drill functions for different surfaces. This one is Best Drill For Home Use.


  • Dual drill functions
  • Comfortable grip
  • Variable speed
  • Kit contains other tools like impact drill, claw hammer, pliers, knife, spirit level etc.
  • Powerful motor
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Forward/Reverse drilling


  • Can’t drill in concrete walls

List of Best Drill Machine In India

The Best Drill Machine in India 2021: Buyer’s Guide

When you’re looking for the best drill machine, keep the following pointers in mind –

Variable speed

Very important for use on all surfaces. You can drill into every surface at the same speed. The drill gets damaged. Also with the variable speed, you can expand your horizons and drill into various different surfaces. Sometimes, a hole needs to be drilled with extreme precision and variable speeds ensure that the precision is maintained.

You can easily use the same drill for both screw driving and drilling, thanks to the variable speed function.

Ergonomic handle

The handle is of the utmost importance when it comes to drilling. If the handle is not well designed then the pressure of drilling affects the quality of work. With an ergonomic handle, a drill becomes really effective in the right hands and can be used for all kinds of surfaces. One can even manage to reach tightly confined spaces with ease.

The handle also affects the grip of a person which is highly important for drilling work. A well-designed handle achieves a good grip which stabilizes the entire process of drilling.

Speed lock button

Sometimes drilling requires a continued and sustained effort. During times like these, it is very difficult to maintain an even speed. This is where speed lock buttons come in and prove to be useful. Also, with the speed lock button, you can drill with high speed and still be able to maintain precision and stability. This feature comes in handy when the drill is being used for construction purposes.

Dual Drill functions

With dual drill functions, you can drill into a lot more surfaces than without them. With this function, you can switch between two modes – hammering mode and rotary mode. The hammering mode creates a hammering motion which is very useful when drilling into hard surfaces like concrete. The rotary motion is very useful when it comes to drilling into softer and delicate surfaces like wood or metal.

Multiple bits and other accessories

When it comes to drills, one can’t have too many bits for different surfaces. The more we have, the easier it is to drill conveniently and effectively into various surfaces. Apart from that, a host of different accessories come in handy during any drilling work. If a drill comes along with the bits and accessories then you won’t have to worry about preparing for the task.

Types of Drilling Machines 

Drilling is an exceptionally tough task that requires an individual device or gear or cleanly discrete kinds of drilling machines. The drilling machinery is untaken in unique shapes, sizes, and quality. Having a drill machine for home or industrial purposes is very important as it is beneficial equipment.

Here are some of the effective types of drilling machines. 

1) Portable Drill Machines

Also called pass drilling mechanism or portable drilling machine, these devices are one of them on the whole second-hand equipment mainly used by old construction companies. Unlike other touchstone tools, these apparatuses are old for drilling holes on the rocks or any rigid surface. These drill machines are generally used for small purposes and are usually not suitable for bulk work.

2Sensible Drill Machines

 Also called bench drilling machines, these drilling apparatuses are perfect for building petite holes at excessive speeds. This drilling system is mounted on a bench with the bolts and nut and is installed through the hand.

 3) Radial drill

This drilling engine is deliberate for drilling bulky and onerous workspaces. The pillar ropes the radial armrest of the tool, which is calculated in a sense to bring down the plan to semi-detached workpieces of sundry heights. These machines are highly used at construction sites for more comfortable work.

4) Spindle Drilling Machinery 

Whether it’s about drilling the digit of holes in a workpiece or the constant drilling of holes on a few matching pieces, manifold spindle drilling gear are the best. As the tag suggests, the compound spindle drilling procedure comes with more than a few spindles that maneuvers entirely fed at the matching duration.

5) Innate Drill Machines

These are the extraordinary apparatuses that are deliberate to drill full of meaning holes in the involving rods, spindles as spring up to the barrels of the gun. With prohibitive critical hurry and a reduced amount of feed, they are perfect for building hidden holes.

So, these were a quantity of the mainly effective types of drills. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best drill machine for industrial use?

The Best drill machine for industrial use is Bosch GSB 500W. This tool is excellent for all industrial use and available at affordable prices.

  1. Are cordless drill machines available in India?

Yescordless drill machines are also available in India. The best cordless drill machine in India is Black + Decker.

  1. How is the camel drill machine?

Camel drill machine has got an excellent review available with extremely quickly and efficiently into brick and concrete.

  1. Which is the best drill machine in the world that I can buy?

DEWALT DCD795D2 is one of the best drills in the world. Other types of drill machines that are offered by this reputed company are also very good.

  1. Shall I have a drill machine at my home?

Having a drill machine is good, be it at home or at the workplace. Through drill machines, you can do the minute task on your own and not call any professional people for that. For home or office use, a small drill machine can be bought.

  1. Can the drill machines be used on wooden furniture or metals?

Yes, drill machines can be used on walls and wooden furniture and metals.

  1. What safety measures one must take care of?

The drill is one of the hazardous tools during drilling performance. Many precautionary gauges can stave off accidents like always use a gripping appliance to fix the workpiece from being avoided. Don’t shake/adjust the workpiece while drilling is on. One should use a scrub to rinse the drilled matter to curb burn.

Restrain any of the explosive equipment away from the drilling place. Clutch the drill machine straight during drill cutting.


From all the different types of drills belonging to various companies that we have reviewed and tested, the five models mentioned above are the best drills available in India. All of the above-mentioned drills possess the tendencies of a good drill machine.

Whether you are looking to buy a drill for home uses or you are looking for a drill that can satisfy your professional needs, either way the above-mentioned 5 are the best and they will prove to be effective for your needs.

Now when it comes to the topic of the best drill machine in India, we feel that the clear winner is the iBELL IBL ED06-91 High-Speed Electric Drill. It comes with a lot of the necessary features. It is the most compact and durable drill machine available for sale in India. Also, it provides the best stability and comfort apart from also having an ideal weight and power ratio. This amazing drill works well with all kinds of different surfaces.

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