TCL TV Review In India (April 2020)

TCL TV Review

If you are thinking of buying a TCL TV, wheater it is the 55, 30, 40 or the 44 inches TV then make sure to read this TCL TV Review.

TCL is the fastest growing Brand in the world when it’s comes to TVs.

They launche there first  LCD TV way back in 2008 and TCL is the number TV brand in China snice 2007.

The main selling point of TCL TVs is there aggressive pricing. TCL televisions are way more affordable compare to Samsung, LG and Sony.

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TCL TV Review In India

1) TCL TV 55 inch 4k

This TCL 138.71 cm (55 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart Certified Android TV L55P2MUS is the best selling TV by TCL.

That’s manly because of its affordable price as compare to other smart Android TVs which are 4k in nature which are available at a much higher price.

Build Quality and Design

So lets start with the design and build quality of this TV.

The main highlight of this TV in terms of design is this metal frame and it has very narrow bezel the TV looks very beautiful.

Due to this metal construction it looks a great and adds to the overall beauty of your dining room or any other room where you place your TV.

In terms of picture quality and the mean two features of the mean highlights of this TV:

  1. 4K UHD TV which comes with HDR pro.
  2. This is an smart Android TV

You can run games you can run Google Play Store applications you can download any kind of Play Store or the Android applications on this TV and take advantage of that.

This is a Google Android M certified smart TV.

One small drawback that we find in the other TVs which had Android TV or Android based operating systems was that there was no Google Play support.

They had their cool Play Store you have to download the applications provided in those those but in this TV you can easily use the GooglePlay services and download applications from millions of apps available on Google Play Store.

Operating system

To run these applications seamlessly company has provided a quad-core processor in this system.

Along with that you get 2.5 GB RAM on the device and 16 GB storage so you get emperor of storage and emperor of RAM to run day-to-day applications which you might want to run on a TV like YouTube and etc.


Now coming to other mean features the system already has integrated Netflix options so you don’t need to download or have Netflix running on abrowser you have a dedicated app present on the TV.

You can even use the dedicated remote to launch these applications and take complete advantage of Netflix experience on the TV which is a great thing.

You also do have some other interesting applications as shown on your display.

You can download more applications more video music audio or game applications from the Play Store.

One small issue that we face in smart TVs form other brands was there was no proper way to navigate to the interface.

Considering that company has given you two remote options you get a standard remote and you also have a secondary remote which has air mouse remote control.

So you can use it as a mouse to navigate through the interface.

You can use the smart voice search to search for anything any application or you can even use it in applications for example if you are in YouTube and you want to search for a particular song all you need to do is press the voice input option and speak your keywords and it will search that for you!!!!!

How easy is that no more typing using a remote which takes like three or four minutes to type four or five words now it is very simple using this smart Android TV from TCL.

Another interesting thing about the TV is the integration of Google Play applications as we mentioned so you can download thousands and thousands of games available on the Play Store .

But now you must be considering how to play those games so you can link your Bluetooth controller with the TV and enjoy those games seam lessly as it a greate experience you can play tons of games and now that to on a big 55 inch 4k display how cool is that.

Besides the fact that it has inbuilt Google Play Store available you do have pre-loaded applications like YouTube, Quick Flicks, Kodi and etc available on the TV.

You can take complete advantage of these application and as we are mentioning again and again this is a smart Android TV.

So you can have all the smart applications and normal applications which are available in this TV.

You also have the inbuilt chromecast support so you can cast your screen easily using this particular Smart TV.

Display Quality

Now what about the picture quality of the TV.

The offers you great immersive 40 USD viewing experience and the color reproduction is great.

It has great brightness level and this is clearly one of the Best 4K TV that we have seen in the market.

We don’t have any complaints as far as for the colour reproduction or the image viewing experience is considered.

On this TV you have ample of options to adjust the image quality according to your needs and preferences depending upon your moods whether you are watching a movie whether you are playing games you have all the options in the TV and you can take complete advantage of this Smart TV to get the best 4K viewing experience you can find in the market.

Sound Quality

In terms of audio experience you get the DTS premium sound experience on this TV.

The speaker quality is really good it is loud enough we didn’t find any need to buy a separate soundbar or a separate home theatre system with this TV.

You can do that to get a much much more enhanced experience but without those you still get a great audio experience on this TV.


In terms of connectivity features, you have all the mean or connectivity features:

  • 1 USB 2.0 port
  • 1 USB 3.0 port
  • 4 HDMI port ( So you can connect your PlayStation you can connect your TV and you can even connect one more HDMI device if you want to with this TV.
  • 1 VGA Port to connect laptops

So summing it up this is a smart 4k AndroidTV it offers you a great Android features and smart features at the same time.

  • Slim Design

  • Metal frame

  • 4K TV

  • Smart TV

  • DTS premium sound

  • Air mouse and smart voice search.

  • Affordable priceing.

  • I didn’t find any Con in this TV.

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2) TCL 43 Inches Full HD LED Smart TV

If you’re thinking of buying a 43 inch Smart TV this season then maybe you want to stick around and read this TCL 107.86 cm (43 inches) Full HD LED Certified Android Smart TV P30 43P30FS review.

This TV is also available in 33 and 49 inches variant

Built and Deign

It’s a full HD panel and it’s running the latest Android OS which is Android Oreo and it comes with Google Assistant if you do have the microphone remote.

I think it looks pretty decent considering the price point of this TV.

Even if you look at the bezels on the side quiet thin and it looks fairly good at the back you get one USB port so you can stick in your pen drive and play videos.

LAN port, antenna cable in there are 2 HDMI ports so one could be for your set-top box and the other could be for you know your PlayStation or your Xbox.

You get one AV input and one auxiliary out where you can connect your headphones or speakers.

If you consider just the panel then the entire TV is pretty thin but yeah if you do take the circuitry that’s at the back along with all the ports it does bulge out a little but again you’re not paying a whole lot of money on this TV and still gets you what you want.

At the bottom, there is a panel that has the speaker’s built-in so that’s where you get your audio output from if you’re not connecting external speakers.

Then there’s a TCL logo and right beneath that you will see the on-off LED and just below that is the button for you know turning off the TV or turning it on manually.


Inside the box you also get this standard remote it’s not a microphone remote that you can use for Google assistant you will have to buy that separately.

It’s quite nice feels pretty good but it is quite tall.

You also get table mountings if you don’t get the wall mountings in the box that’s alright the guy who installs will get it.

It’s quite nice it feels good, very light weight and the buttons also are quite nice and clickety but it’s a little tall so might be a little inconvenient.

Finally let me mention a bit about the metallic remote that allows you to speak to the TV.

So whether you’re looking for a song basically you double-tap the Google assistant button on the remote and speak whatever you know you’re looking for so whether it’s a song whether it’s a movie or if even if it’s just a question so you could go ahead and ask a math question or a general knowledge question or you could look fora song or a film or a trailer and it will show up I mean you can easily access entertainment get answers and control other home devices just with your voice using this remote on this TV.


Looking at the specs real quick a couple of good things this is an android 8 Smart TV it gives you 2K HDR ten decoding, Full HD panel and it supports Google input as well as casting from your phone.

However, the brightness the contrast ratio and the refresh rate seem to be on the lower side but I guess that’s the trade-off you make for a TV that’s just 20,000 rupees.

It is very easy to setup this TV all you have to do is in connect it to wifi.

After your TV is connected to the internet the first thing you would see is apps so you get all of these pre-installed on the TV such as Netflix, Youtube, Google Play Music, PlayStore and etc.

You can definitely go ahead and add more apps.

Play next is another cool feature of this TV it’s sort of you know the TV’s own way of creating a playlist for what you see it does the same for Netflix as well so you know depending on your taste and whatever you’ve been watching on Netflix if it’s sort of line it up for you on its home interface so you don’t have to go all the way in and you can obviously turn those recommendations off from the settings.

Display Quality

Many of you would be having this question in your that how are the color is over all and is the screen bright enough are the colors really vivid and are they punchy.

Well it’s quiet decent I mean it’s alright and I think for the price it is definitely giving you all the value for money that you could get.

I mean to get that perfect kickass super display you would probably have to spend a lot of money on more expensive televisions.

But this quality at this price point. I think it does a very good job.

There is a micro dimming feature in this TV where in your TV will automatically analyzes various zones on the screen and it adjusts the brightness and darkness separately just you know enhancing your overall viewing experience without you even knowing about all of that happening.

Coming to one of the really important things is how does Netflix play on this Smart TV and does it natively run in HD and HDR.

So the app again it’s the latest application because it’s Android 8 so you know the interface is quite new.

Let me also quickly talk about YouTube!!

So you could sign in so that means that you can personalize the entire YouTube app experience basis you know your preferences and your watching history the app looks quite nice and again no questions that because it is the latest Android.

So you do get the best YouTube experience on TV so far.

Casting from your smartphone is also super easy and super fast just tap on the cast icon it’ll say Union TV you can change that name by the way in settings.

Tap on it and it will say connecting to the TV and that’s it.

It will quickly connect and you can then start streaming your content on the television directly super fast super easy and it’s really convenient.

  • Smart TV

  • Android 8 (Oreo)

  • Great picture quality.

  • Good sound quality.

  • Voice assistances.

  • Low brightness level.

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TCL TVs are affordable they provide good value for money they can offer you all the feature that any other premium TV Brand can offer and that to in a very affordable price. The picture and sound quality of those TV are also very high.

So let me know which TCL TV variant are you thinking of buying and if you have any question then to forget to ask me in the comment section below.

Thank you!!!

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