5 Steps to a Perfectly Packed Suitcase

Are you planning an exotic tour? Then you might be worried that you will need to pack your bag, and you need to make a lot of time to arrange it all.

But packing need not be that much stressful. It’s a very easy task when you know exactly what you’re doing while packing your suitcase instead of taking all the unnecessary stuffs.

So to help you along, here we have enlisted 5 fastest ways to perfectly pack a suitcase. Buy best luggage in India using our guide.

Pick the right suitcase for your journey

Wherever you’re going to travel in this world, first thing you will need to have is a right suitcase for your trip. Think about how long you are going to travel and what type of clothes you will need during your journey. Once you know this, you must find the smallest bag to fit your stuff as it will be better than carrying a huge half-empty suitcase.

Also think about the mode of transport you are going to take. If you want a suitcase at the airport then you will need one with the wheels for the ease of carrying. While for other modes of transport, wheels prove to be of less importance.

Make a list of items you’ll need

One important key to start packing is that your bag shouldn’t include everything you might need, instead it should include the items that you will surely need such as clothes, medications, documents, electronics etc. Think thoroughly about the weather and be realistic about what you will need along your away. You won’t need a week worth of gym clothes if you’re going to work out only once a week.

So, make a list of whatever you’ll need as this way you will have a chance to add more useful items.

Gather your items

Instead of packing a completely a new outfit for each day, take those items that you can mix up easily and match into new outfits. So you can wear them with as many combinations as you want, more than once. A good thumb rule always suggests limiting yourself to two or three pair of shoes following with 3:1 ratio clothing, which are 3 top outfits for 1 bottom.

It is always recommended to carry the bottoms that have a generic color like dark navy, natural, etc. This way you can pair them easily with other tops. One more thing you have to remember while packing is to save spaces. Instead of whole makeup kit, carry a small perfume and makeup sample and use travel size toiletries instead of huge bottles.

Tweak your item list

Once you are all set with the list, now the real challenge arrives. Now you need to think strategically in order to arrange the items in the suitcase. Always put heavy items in the base of the suitcase near the wheels part to help it from tipping over while travelling. Next, start filling your case with all the outfits.

Roll the soft clothes that won’t wrinkle much. This will allow you to free up some extra space in the bag. Rolling such clothes instead of just folding will make a great space saving.

Use all the space available in the bag

It is said that the efficient way of packing bags is making sure that there is no space left unused. This means doing everything you can to fill each and every corner of the bag by either flattening the scarves and belts or rolling up your underwear and socks in a small plastic bag. Put your shoes first in the case as they are the bulkiest items in the bag. Some other tactics include inserting sunglasses into a pair of shoes or keeping small bags in the purse are great ways to save the space.

It is also recommended that you should use the compression bags to get more space. Also carry some extra items you will need along the way without putting them into your bag. If you’re travelling to a very cold place, then wear your boots and bulky jackets on the flight itself. This way you will reduce weight of the suitcase. Finally don’t forget to weigh the suitcase if you’re carrying it to airport. While checking in for your flight if they find it heavy then you will need to pay extra for privilege.


Packing may seem very simple, but there’s science behind packing items that all the travelers learn eventually in the hard way along the road. Packing it tactically is the difference between a stressful vacation and hassle-less vacation. We hope you found some shortcuts to pack the suitcase right way. Use these tactics while packing your bag and you will get a clear picture of what things you need to take with you and how you can fit them.


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