Midea AC Review in India (May 2020)

Midea AC Review

Are you thinking about buying Midea AC than just read our Midea AC Review and why I am going to tell you should you consider buying them? what are the key features of Midea ACs? and give you some reviews of Midea AC.

In India AC has become an important home appliance as in summer in India the average temperature in summer can be (32° to 40°).

Midea AC in India is the joint venture between Carrier and Midea group.

They also have a manufacturing plant in Haryana (India).

Which makes their ACs Make in India.

The company is committed towards the environment as their manufacturing plant uses 100% recycled water in the production area.

The things that separate Midea ACs from other major AC brands in India such as Godrej, Samsung, Lloyd, LG, Videocon are that Midea ACs are more affordable compare to this AC brands.

Key Feature of Midea ACs

1) Refrigerant Leakage Detector

The main complaint or problem that people usually have about AC is that “After 2 or 3 of installation my AC, has stopped working or cools the room slowly”.

That’s because the refrigerant leaks due to Improper installation by the serviceman, factory defect, or any damage during delivery.

But this problem will not occur in Midea ACs and if it occurs, you will be notified when the refrigerant in the air conditioner is low.

As most of models in Midea ACs comes with Refrigerant Leakage Detector.

2) HD Filter and Ag+ Nano Filter

Every one in India knows how polluted the climate is here.

Out of top 30 most polluted cities 22 of them are in India.

Dust partical can case major health disease to you and your loved onces.

They are so small that they can enter your body through your nose and mouth and the travel to your lungs causing you reduction in smooth lung functioning.

They are also very dangerous if you have small children or if you have someone in your family who has asthma.

That’s why you should always check whether the AC that you are buying comes with an HD Filter or an Ag+ Nano or not.

An HD Filter and Ag+ Nano Filter in your AC can clean all the PM 2.5 dust particles and other bacteria from the making your room safe for you.

3) Intelligent CRF Alert

Most of the Indians only use their ACs in summers and after sometimes the filters of that AC starts collecting dust.

Which result in slower cooling have you wonder why that happens?

That because the filter on your air conditioner gets dusty and you need to clean it time to time for faster and better cooling.

But this AC comes with intelligent CRF Alert which will timely notifie you when its filters gets dirty.

So you can clean the filter.

4) Turbo Mode

Normally AC takes 10 to 15 minutes time to cool down the room and sometimes this can get a little frustrating especially if you have come back home after a long hot day.

But with the help of turbo mode in Midea AC your room can get cool in just 4 to 5 minutes.

5) Affordability

Price is a huge factor that people consider when they are thinking of buying anything and AC are especially consider very costly in India but the best thing about Midea AC is they are super cost-effective.

Midea AC are available for as low as 15,000 to 50,000.

But even after being affordable, they have not compromised on the design of their AC.

6) Available in different varriants

Midea gives you large numder of AC varients to select from.

You can buy there AC from 1 to 3 tons and the star rating from 3 to 5 depending upon your nrrds.

But keep it in mind that as the Tons and the star rating of the AC increases their price also increases.

They also have inveter nad non inverter ACs.

Inverters AC is usually costlier then Non-inverter ones but still I would recommend you to buy an inverter AC as they are very cost-efficient and they also operate faster that means faster cooling.

7) Easy And Hassle Free Maintenance

As mention earlier the Intelligent CRF Alert that lets you know when its time to clean your filters and the Refrigerant Leakage Detector which will tell you when if there is a gas leak in the AC will make your life easy and limited the hassle of maintenance to the minimum.

After purchasing an AC the installation of that can become a tricky part for some customer.

Or even the after sales service of some of the biggest brands in AC are poor.

But the after-sales service of Midea are up to the mark and you can be assured that all of your problems would get solve by talking to there customer service on the helpline number.

The installation of there AC is also done by experts. 

8) Build quality

AC is one of those products that you are going to use for at least 5 to 7 years so you should always check about the build quality of that AC.

All midea AC are made with 100% Copper which increase the quality of their product.

Also copper requires less maintenance and the best part is they will also benefit you as they save energy.

9) Display and Remote

At nights it can get a little irrating when the light of the display of your AC fall directly in your eyes.

But in the case of Midea AC, the LED display light will get dimmer with time and the display gets turned off eventually.

At the middle of the night if you want to change the temperature of the AC or you want to turn off your AC by your remote it gets hard if you can’t see the buttons on your remote.

I always used to face that problem with my AC remote but if you buy Midea AC there remote comes with Backlit buttons.

Which means it will make your button glow at night.

which will make ease for you to operat the remote during night.

Midea AC Review

1) Midea 1 Ton 3 Star Split Inverter AC

Midea 1 Ton 3 Star Split Inverter AC

This Midea 1 Ton 3 Star Split Inverter AC is the latest 2019 variant.

It’s sutable for a small room of up to 90sq ft.

This AC is also very affordable compare to other brands.

It comes with a 3-star energy saving rating and consumes up to 15% less energy than the non-inverter ones.

This AC comes with Auto reset option which means:

If suddenly there is a power cut in your area than you don’t need to manually reset the settings post-power-cut as the AC will automatically operate on those earlier setting.

Sometimes at night the AC cools the room too much due to which you sleep get disturbed buy cooled.

But the sleep mode option in this AC will automatically adjust the temperature of your room to ensure comfort during your sleep.

Other important key features of this AC as mention earlier are:

  1. Turbo Mode
  2. HD Filter and Ag+ Nano Filter
  3. Intelligent CRF Alert
  4. Refrigerant Leakage Detector
  5. Easy And Hassle-Free Maintenance
  • Affordability

  • 36 Ft Air Throw

  •  Looks elegant

  • Backlit Remote

  • AC remote response time is a little late.

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2) Midea 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split Inverter AC

Midea 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split Inverter AC review

This 1.5 ton AC buy midea is sutiable for medium room size up to 150 sq ft.

This AC comes with 5 star BEE ratings and save upto 25% more energy compare to noninverter ACs.

It also has a sleep mode to ensure you comfortable sleep during the night, turbo mode for faster cooling and auto-restart mode.

This AC can maintain a pleasant temperature inside your house even if the outside temperature is more than 52°.

Buying a stabilizer for your AC can also be a huge burden in your pocket as a good stabilizer comes for approximately between rupees 1500 to 2000.

But this AC comes with Stabiliser-free Operation which means that the AC will work properly between a fluctuation range of 150 V – 280 V, without a separate stabilizer.

Another great feature about this Midea AC is that this AC comes with a comes with an airflow of up to 36 feet which will help in cooling your room faster.

This AC also has dual filtration which will filter out all the dust particle and help you in making you room dust-free.

Now let me tell you what is the best thing that I liked about this AC, It’s it “Follow me” feature in which: The remote will act as a sensor and the AC will throw more air around the remote.

This AC also has Auto Cleanser in which the AC will automatically clean its self.

Other amazing feature of this AC are:

  1. Turbo Mode
  2. Intelligent CRF Alert
  3. Refrigerant Leakage Detector
  4. Easy And Hassle-Free Maintenance
  • Auto cleanser

  • Follow me feature

  • Saves 25% more energy

  • Stabiliser-free Operation

  • This AC doesn’t have dehumidifier.

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Midea ACs are some of the most affordable ACs in the market, they do deliver some of the best features in the market and the customer service of Midea AC is also great but they do lack some features such as They don’t have a dehumidifier and R32 but overall Midea AC is great and definitely consider buying.

What are your thoughs on Midea AC? are you going to buy them?

Let me know in the comment section bellow.

Also if you are considering buying a best 1 ton AC then make sure to read this post.

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