Amazon Fire TV Stick Reviews

Amazon Fire TV Stick Reviews

Amazon Fire TV Stick Reviews

Today I am going to give you the Amazon Fire TV Stick Reviews and everything you need to know before purchasing this amazing device.

If you have a normal HD, LED or 4K TV in your house and if you are thinking of upgrading your normal TV to a Smart TV.

Then I am pretty much confident that after reading this article completely you may have to rethink your decision.

Let me introduce you Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Why you should buy it?

We all know that Smart TVs are very costly. There are various Smart TVs that are very budget-friendly but to be honest if you are planning to buy a smart then you should buy them from trusted brands like LG, Sony, Samsung and others because of smart tv that are available at a cheaper price will not provide a great user experience and buying them would not be such a great decision.

So that why you should go for this amazing product.

This fire tv stick is available on for ₹3999 for the HD version.

The 4k version of this Fire tv stick is available for ₹5999.

Which is trust me a value for money product and its user-interface is very easy to operate but in order to use it in its full potential, I would recommend you buy Amazon prime because so that you can view all your favourite movies and TV shows.

What do you get inside the box?

So with the fire tv stick, we get a Remote Controller, Power Adaptor, USB Cable, HDMI Extender and an actual fire tv stick.

The remote controller of this fire tv stick allows you to control your tv through voice.

The build quality of this remote is great.

This remote is a Bluetooth ready remote so you don’t have to point it towards the tv.

You need to connect the power adaptor to the fire tv stick through a USB cable in order to give it electricity to work.

Often it is found that behind TVs there is little space available in order to put the HDMI port so that why this fire TV stick comes with HDMI extender.

Just remember in order to connect your tv with fire stick your TV need to have HDMI Port.

If your TV doesn’t have any HDMI or if your TVs HDMI port doesn’t work then you cannot connect this device to your tv.


With this amazon fire tv stick you can not only watch amazon prime but you can also watch other apps like:

Netflix, Hotstar, Sony live, Airtel Movies, Gaana, Voot, Eros Now, TED, Youtube and many other OnDemand services.

Another feature that I like about this fire tv stick is like chrome cast you can stream content directly from your smartphone to your tv.

The build-in storage of this device is 8GB.

So you can easily install any apps mention above.


  1. The first thing I like about this device is that it has a dedicated remote control.

So the experience of using this fire tv stick is like a traditional media streaming player.

You can control the whole device with this remote controller.

2. You also get a smartphone app to control your device with a phone in case you can’t find your remote.

3. The other best thing about this fire tv stick is the excellent fast user interface that we get with this amazon fire tv stick.

This interface is very fast and you will not experience any lag with this device

Plus the app also gets install in 15 to 20 sec and then they are ready to go.

The device is very responsive and everything works as expected.

The UI is also very easy to use.

4. As I mentioned earlier you can use this device without Amazon prime subscription.

But I would recommend you to get amazon prime in order to increase the user experiences.

Plus amazon prime is very cheap you can get amazon prime for only ₹999 per year.

Or you can even get it for ₹129 per month.

In terms of movies selection prime has better movie selection as compared to Netflix and other streaming services.

5. Even with this amazon fire tv stick with the youtube app, you can cast whatever you are browsing from your smartphone to the Amazon TV.

Another this which is great and as a mention earlier many times is you can watch any video content from Netflix and other streaming devices easily.

6. If you have an audio-video receiver with amazon prime movie it can be decoded in Dobly digital.


  1. The voice recognition works very well but the problem is the voice recognition is only searching amazon prime content.

It’s not searching third party apps like youtube, Netflix, Hotstar and other apps.

so that is one limitation that we have regarding voice command.

2. Next thing is that it required a fairly fast internet connection to work properly

So if you have a low internet connection then first upgrade your internet plan.

Otherwise, it would be a very frustrating experience.

Amazon says that you required a minimum of 4 Mbps speed but I have found out you require at least 8 Mbps speed.

If you are using it at high quality that is 1080p then I have seen that it consume almost 2GB per hour.


So, in the end, I would like to say that if have a normal TV which is in a very good condition and you want to upgrade it to smart tv.

Then instead of buying a new smart TV,you can go for this amazing device.

Which will give the feature of all the feature a smart tv would have given you.

It has many features like Bluetooth remote, chrome cast and many on-demand watching services.

If you have any doubt about this Amazon Fire TV Stick Reviews then don’t forget to ask about it in the comment section.

Thank you!!!

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