Canon Pixma G3000 Review – All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Color Printer

Printers are essential for every modern household and offices so that you don’t have to let the need for print outs interrupt your work balance. Always be prepared to stay creative as you work with a printer at your reach all the time. There are so many printers available in the market. Each of them has something new to offer. This might make you confused while searching for the appropriate one for you. You should always ask yourself the right questions. Ask yourself what do you want from the printer, what are your basic requirements, how frequently you are going to use your printer, how heavy a user you are going to be, and of course, what your budget is. 

So here in this article, we are going to review the Canon Pixma G3000 All-in-One ink tank color printer with a free bag. We will also be discussing some of the most frequently asked questions for your convenience at the end.

Canon Pixma G3000 All-in-One Wireless Printer

Canon Pixma G3000 All-in-One Wireless Printer

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Canon is one of the oldest companies working with a reputation in the imaging industry. They have an excellent customer support system. And you can always trust all their products for this kind of brand value. The Canon Pixma G3000 is an All-in-One model printer from this company. It uses ink tank technology. This is an excellent option for home users and also for small office setups. It has a very low per-page printing cost with a very high-quality printing and very high speed. Apart from all these, it has multiple connectivity options. All the important features are discussed in detail below.

Salient Features of Canon Pixma G3000

  • Type of the Printer

This printer uses ink tank technology for printing. This is an upgraded version of the previously used technology for printers i.e., the inkjet technology. Printing with the ink tank technology is much cheaper than the inkjet. The process of refilling is very easy and hazard less. The ink tank printers have a large ink tank with four compartments for different colors – cyan, magenta yellow and black. These four colors form the color palette for printers.  

  • Functionality

The Canon G3000 printer is equipped with multi-functional features. It can scan your documents and make photocopies as well as produce color printings. This machine has an excellent printing resolution. Apart from that, it has a flatbed scanner that can scan with the highest optical resolution of up to 600 x 1200 dpi at the speed of 19sec /300dpi. In addition to this, the copier in this device can copy any document in 24 seconds, and it can copy 20 pages at a single time. However, this printer is a bit noisy with its 46dB noise level.

  • Connectivity

One of the high-end features of this printer is its connectivity options. It has three levels of connectivity – one wired and two wireless connections. For the wired connectivity, it has the conventional 2.0 USB interface. And for the wireless connections, this device has Wi-Fi connectivity. Wi-Fi allows you to connect any of your devices with this printer remotely from anywhere you want. Moreover, this has app support called ‘Selphy.’ You can also easily connect your mobile or any cloud storage with this app installed on your phone. This is undoubtedly a great feature of this printer that keeps it ahead of other printers. Furthermore, this printer also stays ahead because of its support with both Windows and Apple operating systems. So, in terms of connectivity, this printer is a genius.  

  • Print Speed and Resolution

The Canon Pixma G3000 color printer can produce high resolution black and white and color prints. The prints have a resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi. Besides this quality, the printer is able to give out these printouts at a speed of 5 ipm for color and 8.8 ipm for black and white prints. Border less printing is available with this printer. But there is no automatic duplex printing available in this machine.

  • Warranty

The customers of Canon are covered with an extremely helpful customer support system. Apart from that, the printer comes with a one-year on-site warranty from the date of purchase or 15,000 prints, whichever comes earlier. But there is a disclaimer that you should only use Canon’s original ink because otherwise this will be considered as a void of the warranty. Moreover, you can find any of the spare parts of this company at any point in time in any market, whether online or offline. So, this warranty plan saves you from a lot of headaches. 

  • Pages

This printer is compatible with many different page sizes. Such as, 4.0 “x6.0”, Legal, Letter, A4, A5, and B5. This machine has a high page yield, which is up to 13,000 pages – 7000 color pages and 6000 black and white pages. This high page yield cuts down the per page printing cost of this machine. This printer produces the prints at the cost of per page 9 paise for black and white and 32 paise for color pages as per the ISO standards.

  • Structure

The Canon printer has a sleek and compact design. It has ideal size, and that is best for the home users and small offices. It is made of strong plastic material which makes it hardy and durable.  

  • In the Box

Inside the box of this printer, you will get a power cable, a USB cable, one manual, and driver and six cartridges of inks – 3 bottles of black and one bottle each for cyan, magenta, and yellow.  In other words, everything that you will be needing to get started.

  • Backpack

This is a valuable offer as you will get a US Polo ASSN Backpack for free with this printer. This black and grey backpack is made of polyester material. It has a capacity of 20 liters. It is compatible with laptops with 14-inch screen size. There are two compartments in this bag. However, this is not a waterproof bag.

What Do We Like

  • Compact size and less weight is good for mobility
  • Excellent printing and scanning quality
  • Wireless connection and an easy app connectivity
  • Excellent photo prints on coated paper
  • The operating cost is very low

What We Dislike

  • The printing speed could have been better
  • Makes a lot of noise
  • Setting up the wireless connectivity can be a little complicated

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I troubleshoot the Canon printer?

First of all, try deep cleaning the print head. If the problem is still not solved, then try to perform the system cleaning from the operation panel. Press and hold the stop button until the alarm lamp flashes for five times and then release the button. 

  • What does the orange flashlight mean on this printer?

When the alarm lamp flashes orange light and a support code or an error number is displayed on the computer screen, it means some error has occurred. For some errors, the ON lamp and the Alarm lamp flashes alternatively. Check the status of the lamps and message, and then take appropriate action to resolve the problem. 

  • How can I understand the print head is clogged?

The most common sign of a clogged print head is faint, spotty and streaky prints. This problem can easily be fixed with a simple cleaning of the print head. Print heads get clogged due to the lack of frequency in the use of your printer. If you don’t print regularly or you go for weeks without printing, the Ink cartridge will go dry, and soon you will need to replace them.

Final Verdict

The Canon Pixma G3000 is a brilliant printer for multi-function uses. It is best suitable for home users. The price of this printer might make you feel a bit high. But you will get the value for your money after using this. With its super quality printing at a low cost, you will never regret buying it. Plus, the free backpack from Polo ASSN makes it a great deal to grab on. 

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