Boat Stone 1000 Speakers Review – Is It’s Good?

Listening to music has undeniably been a buzzing hobby of a majority of the population universally. Like said, music is a healer and an all-time mood buster. But ever wondered how you can enjoy your music to the fullest? Good music feels great when you choose the right type of speaker.

A great speaker comes with a lot of useful features and here in this post, we will tell you about one of the best speakers available in the market with all the amazing functions to boost your spirits.  Yes, we are talking about the boAt Stone 1000. This speaker comes with 2 colour options, Navy blue and black; You can buy according to your choice.

boAt Stone 1000

boAt Stone 1000 14 W Bluetooth Speaker with 10 Hours Playback, Bluetooth v5.0, IPX5 Water Resistance (Blue)

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Boat has been a renowned brand across the world for its best speakers, which are not just durable but are versatile as well as updated with technology. Boat Stone 1000 features a classic strong design that makes it look very elegant. It comes with various advanced features that improve your experience and help you enjoy your music effortlessly. Here are some features of the Boat Stone 1000 that you should know. 

Salient Features of The Boat Stone 1000 

Party Booster 

If you’re a party freak, then this speaker is meant for you. It offers you 14 watts capacity, which gives great sound, buzz, and loudness that keeps your party moving. 


This speaker is ideal for all your spot locations as it is dustproof, shockproof, and water-resistant. So carry it for your pool parties or beach fun. 

Battery Backup 

You can use this speaker at the maximum, as it goes for ten long hours and can be recharged too. The battery holds a capacity of 3000 mAh with the ability of 24W. 


The speaker has a modern design and structure, which makes it captivating and classy. It will add detailing to your room’s interior and will make it more aesthetically pleasing. 

Onboard control 

Playing, pausing, changing music, modifying the volume, and answering all your calls go effortless with the ear’s cup present on the speaker and this offers clutter-free usage. 


The handle attached to the speaker makes it easier for you to carry it anywhere, anytime. The strap is made up of silicon with a fine rubber matte finish. You can easily take it to pool parties without feeling any burden on your shoulders. 


This speaker offers various modes of connectivity. You can pair this speaker with every possible device with Bluetooth. You can also connect your phones with Aux input or use it wirelessly. This makes it perfect for night-outs and family gatherings. 


Stay attached to your music through Bluetooth connectivity. This speaker offers 11 meters of the coverage range. This feature makes it very convenient for you to use it when you have your tablets or smartphones for the audio source. 

  • Value for money 
  • Ideal for rough use 
  • Water-resistant, dustproof and shockproof 
  • Has great connectivity 
  • Amazing Bluetooth range 
  • One year of warranty 
  • Comes with a manual, aux cable micro USB charger 

  • Causes a lot of distortion 
  • You might want to carry another speaker for hiking as this one is bulkier 

Wrapping Up

Now that you know everything about this product, we’re sure you won’t opt for any other speaker. It is perfect for someone who’s looking for a low-cost speaker and is excellent for all your rough use since it produces loud music. As mentioned earlier, it is unconventionally worth all your money spent on it. Hope this article will provide you some valuable information. 

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