5 Best Wireless Bluetooth Microphones In India – Reviews & Buying Guide

It is no doubt that technological advancements have become a constant phenomenon in today’s world. There have been improvements in the field of science and technology as tech companies keep coming up with new electronic gadgets and accessories. One can confidently say that the creativity of a man’s mind has no limits as there are almost daily inventions and updates in the electronic world. The invention of wireless electronic gadgets and devices such as; Headphones, mouse, keyboards, and earphones are one of the latest updates in the electronic world.

Amongst many of the newest inventions is the wireless Bluetooth Microphone. Just like most wireless gadgets, the wireless Bluetooth microphone allows easy movement and flexibility during use. Due to its durability and efficiency, it is undoubtedly a fact that it is an upgrade from the cabled microphones. Different companies have developed their branded wireless Bluetooth microphones, thus, probably making it difficult for you to choose from the many options available.

We are going to put you through the basic requirements to look out for when acquiring a wireless bluetooth microphone. To save you the time and stress, we have extensively researched, complied and discussed the top most preferable wireless Bluetooth microphones available on the Indian market.

Top 5 Best Wireless Bluetooth Microphones In India 2021

1. Magbot WS-858 Wireless Bluetooth Microphone

Magbot WS-858 Wireless Bluetooth Microphone

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The Magbot WS-858 wireless Bluetooth microphone is a handheld microphone with a portable mini home KTV player that allows you to sing and record your voice anywhere. It has a 3.5mm audio jack that allows you to use it wirelessly or using the audio cable to connect the unit to your smartphones. Its charging power and output powers are DC 5V and 5W respectively. It is 20* 7* 7cm in size and the frequency range is 100Hv – 10 KHv.

It comes in gold, pink, and black color. It can be used in a car, having a BBQ, family dinner, an outdoor party, and other events. It is fit for singing, instrument recording, interviews, podcasting, and others. When the computer is turned on and is connected to the USB interface, it will be able to charge the microphone until the red battery indicator light turns off, indicating that it is full. It is a Mini pocket microphone that fits in hand well. It sounds nice and clean as you can use it for singing, talking and even playing music through it.


  • It connects easily with all bluetooth enabled mobile devices
  • It is a great device for kids
  • It has a strong bluetooth connection


  • It has a low output sound
  • The unidirectional sensor is not great for professional performance.

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2. WhiteBuyer Wireless WS-858 Handheld Microphone

WhiteBuyer Wireless WS-858 Handheld Microphone

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The Whitebuyer WS-858 is a Portable and durable microphone that is easy to carry. Its Bluetooth technology doesn’t consume as much energy as others. It has a very stable connection and faster transmission, with an effective wireless operating distance of up to 10m. It has a metal shell protective exterior and a super bass sound that creates a good listening experience. It has a fashionable outdoor bag design that can be hung on a bike or taken by hands, letting you enjoy music all the way.

It is good for picnic trips, outdoor parties, family entertainment, singing karaoke, as it is compatible with most mobile phones. It mostly comes in black but you could also get the pink and gold colors. It has super noise reduction technology. Also, it has a 5v AUX port., a USB port, and a 2-channel stereo, with comfortable metal, handle made of aluminum alloy. Its output power is 5W and the size is 20*7*7cm. It has a frequency range of 100Hz- 10 KHv.


  • It has an amazing sound quality
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • It is lightweight and durable
  • It connects easily with all bluetooth enabled devices


  • There are no known defects yet

3. VRJTEC Wireless Bluetooth Microphone

VRJTEC Wireless Bluetooth Microphone

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The VRJTEC wireless Bluetooth microphone is a handheld condenser microphone with a portable mini home KTV play and a 3.5mm audio jack that allows you to use the audio cable to connect the unit effortlessly to your smartphones. It uses a Q7Mic that supports most singing software on the phone or computer. It is flexible and easy to carry. It can record songs on your mobile device and also share them with your friends.

Also, it has a very powerful echo effect and adjustable volume, when recording or singing online. It is a multipurpose microphone as you can sing, record instruments, carry out interviews and podcasts. The 1800 mAh battery capacity lasts 3 to 5 hours depending on the usage. It has a USB port at the bottom of the handle. It comes in gold, purple, bronze-brown, and black colors.


  • It is compatible with mobile recording softwares
  • It is multiple purpose working as a speaker, microphone and recorder
  • On a full charge, the battery lasits 4 hours


  • There’s a problem with the voice control as volume drops during use
  • The FM reception leaves much to be desired
  • There is no casing provided

4. Welrock Q7 Wireless Handheld Mic

Welrock Q7 Wireless Handheld Mic

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The Welrock Q7 wireless handheld microphone is a durable device that is easy to carry. It uses less energy but has a more stable connection and faster transmission, with an effective wireless operating distance of up to 10m. It is highly compatible with computers, smartphones, and audio players.

It has a silver Metal shell protective and super bass sound. Just like the others, it has a 3.5mm Audio Jack, allowing it to Connect the Unit Effortlessly to Your Smart Phones. It mostly comes in silver but there are other colors. It also has a speaker at the base of the handle that projects amazing KTV live-sound. You can use it to sing karaoke without having to go to a karaoke center. So if you are a karaoke fan, this microphone is for you. It has a Capacitive Bluetooth of 2.1, with an Output Power of 3W*2. It also has a Charging Power of DC 5V, with a Frequency Range of 100Hz to 10KHz. It uses a built-in lithium battery with a Battery Capacity of 2600 mAh.


  • It is a good option for karaoke singing
  • It has a stable connection
  • It connects to android and apple systems
  • It has a long battery life
  • It has a strong wireless connection


  • It comes with no casing

5. Tvisha Wireless Portable Handheld Microphone

Tvisha Wireless Portable Handheld Microphone

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Tvisha wireless portable handheld microphone is a lightweight gadget that is very durable and easy to carry. It also has a Bluetooth technology that uses less energy but has a stable connection, with an effective wireless operating distance of up to 10m. it is easy to operate and built to last longer, with the Built-in 2000mAh lithium battery. You can keep using it for about 6-8 hours after a full charge. It could serve many purposes such as; a Bluetooth speaker, Karaoke singing, instrument recording, conducting interviews, podcasting, and many more. It uses a Capacitive Bluetooth 2.1, with an Output Power of 3W*2.

Also, It has a Charging Power of DC 5V and a Frequency Range of about 100Hz to 10KHz, using an Echo Sound Reverberation technology. When you buy a new Tvisha wireless portable mic, it normally comes with the microphone, of course, an audio cable, a USB cable, a storage box, and a user manual. It comes in a variety of colors but the most popular colors are red, blue and gold. It is a great choice for karaoke lovers.


  • It comes with a free super bass earphone
  • it serves different purposes
  • It has a strong wireless connection


  • It doesn’t come with a user manual

Buying Guide For Best Wireless USB Microphone

There are certain information you should be privy of before going into the market to pick up a wireless bluetooth microphone. This information includes the various necessary features of each Wireless Bluetooth microphones such as the make of the model, battery life, weight, size, and color options.

1. Cost

One of the most important things you need to know about a product is the price. One question you should ask your self is “how much am I willing to spend on this product?” the price of a wireless Bluetooth microphone in India falls in the range of 500 and 5,000 rupees.

Decide on your purpose for getting a wireless Bluetooth microphone, such as merely karaoke sing-along or recording, then get a model that is available within the price range you budgeted for. Although, when you are deciding on what model, make sure it works in the same frequency with the other audio systems. This is important to prevent recurrent glitches.

2. Frequency and display

Another important feature to look out for is the frequency and range of the microphone. It is advisable to get the Latest wireless Bluetooth microphones that have very good frequency agility that allows the users to select a frequency route from several alternatives.

In addition to frequency, the display on the device is also as important. The display is responsible for keeping the users informed of the battery level, signal strength, and identifying the channel being used.

3. The wireless Bluetooth technology and form

Some tech pros will tell you that wireless Bluetooth technology is the first feature you need to look for when buying a wireless microphone. You need to check the spec of the model you intend to buy to know the Bluetooth type and version. Bluetooth technology can be divided into two types; the UHF Bluetooth technology and the VHF Bluetooth technology.

The UFH Bluetooth technology produces a clear sound but it needs a lot of power to function and is pretty expensive. However, the VHF Bluetooth technology is less expensive and usurps less power, but the users may experience some interference in the sound. Also, wireless mic systems come in different forms. There is a handheld microphone that is good for live singers, lecturers, stage hosts, and any other person that needs to move a lot while using the microphone.

There are also the lavalier microphones that give more freedom than any other form of wireless microphone system because of its small size. It is best used for speeches and corporate presentations. Lastly, there are the headset microphones. This is the most preferable form of wireless microphone system for active movers; dancers, theatre actors, and actresses. The headphone clips behind the user’s ear and places the microphone close to the mouth to ensure better recording.

4. Special Features

There are so many useful features about a wireless Bluetooth microphone that you need to know about before purchasing one. We will be mentioning 6 special features that distinguish a good wireless Bluetooth microphone from a sub-standard one. Firstly, you need to know if the microphone uses an Analog or digital transmission. Secondly, you need to know if it uses a fixed frequency or frequency agile mics. Thirdly, it is important to know if it uses a single channel mic or a dual-channel mic. Fourthly, you should check if it has rack-mounted receivers or not. Also, it is necessary to know whether the receiver antennas are removable or not. Lastly, you should confirm if the frequency selection is automatic or manual. Making a choice will be much easier once you can discern between these classifications.


The Technology world has managed to improve continuously as so many gadgets have become better and better with each year that passes. The wireless Bluetooth microphone specifically has been improving rather rapidly, in terms of its audio quality and design. It has been established above that There are different wireless microphones to suit your all requirements.Whether it is for live singing, karaoke, stage performances, stage hosting, party, church, corporate presentations, school or even for public events. Since there is a variety of choices you can select from, we have explored and gathered the best wireless Bluetooth microphone systems of 2021. So if you need a mic and you are also looking to get the freedom of movement, you can select the most preferable from the above options. It is also very important to be clear about your needs and make a checklist and choose the best microphone for you before you go ahead to pay good money for the product.

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