Top 5 Best Salts in India – Reviews & Buying Guide

There are few ingredients that your kitchen should be stocked with for cooking any dish. One such ingredient that is widely used in all kinds of cooking is salt. Salt is the basic ingredient used for seasoning the food. Absence of salt results in uninviting and flavorless food. Salt plays a vital role in adding color and taste to the dishes we cook.

Best Salt In India

Salt is also used as a tool for curing the meat and reducing the bitterness found in vegetables like a bitter guard, eggplant, and radicchio.

These days the number of salts available in the market makes it confusing and overwhelming to pick one. Each type of salt performs differently when used in cooking.

Best Buy Salts Online in Indian Market

After considering the factors to look for while purchasing a salt, we have compiled a list of best five salts in India. The list is not exhaustive; it offers a detailed review of the best salts in India. The top five salts suggested below are reliable ones and value for money.

1. Puro health salt, 1 kg packet

Puro health salt

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In your search for a salt that is healthy and unconventional consider Puro healthy salt. Puro health salt is a proud product of Puro wellness Pvt. Ltd. The company was established in the year 2016. The main motto of the company is to offer healthy and quality food products to all Indians. Puro wellness following the ancient ayurvedic literature considers salt as an important ingredient that adds to the health of the person.

Puro salt is made up of unpopulated and pristine natural resources. Using Puro salt is recommended by the nutritionist worldwide for its health benefits. Puro salt is said to enhance the taste of the food.

 Things we liked 

  1. Healthier option
  2. Improves eyesight and digestion in the consumer
  3. Do not contain iodine
  4. Rich in minerals

Things we did not like

  1. Expensive than a regular salt
  2. Less in iodine

2. Tata Salt, 1 kg

Tata Salt

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The name Tata is associated with quality food products. A trusted brand doing business form decades. Tata salt is the oldest and most preferred brand in India. The company is well – known to produce vacuum sealed and packed salt in India. Tata Salt is a common household ingredient used by all kinds of consumers.

Tata brand salt to meet the needs of the consumer has introduced a new line of salt like Tata salt lite, sprinkler, Tata salt plus.  No matter how many brands enter the market, nothing can beat the quality and name of Tata salt.

Things we liked 

  • Presence of Iodine: necessary ingredient for mental development in children.
  • I kg packet of salt is available at an affordable price of 18 rupees.

Things we do not like

  • It needs to be added in more quantity than other salts to get the taste.

3. Aashirvaad Salt – Iodized, 1kg Bag

Aashirvaad Salt

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The third salt in our list of top five is Aashirvaad salt. This salt is a product of the well known and famous company in India called ITC. ITC is a leading manufacturer of food products in India. In addition to the salt, ITC produces Atta, spices and, instant mix.

For all vegans and vegetarians lovers out there, Aashirvaad salt is your best choice. Aashirvaad iodized salt is a vegetarian salt available in the Indian market. Aashirvaad salt is produced by evaporating salty seawater. The salty seawater is stored in the shallow basin and evaporated using wind and sunlight.

Things we liked 

  • The brand offers easy-flowing granule salt used in seasoning various dishes.
  • Aashirvaad salt is easy to use, store and maintain
  • The price of the salt is pretty reasonable.
  • Aashirvaad salt is rich in iodine necessary for the development and other health needs.

Things we did not like 

  • Packing is not up to the mark.

4. Patanjali Iodized Namak, 1kg

Patanjali Iodized Namak

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The fourth best salt in our list is Patanjali Namak. This brand has won the hearts of thousands of customers for its quality and price. Patanjali salt has made a name for itself in the market among its strong competitors like Tata salt and Aashirvaad.

For all vegetarian consumers, Patanjali Namak is the best option. This brand of salt is available throughout India. Patanjali Namak is a herbal product designed for the needs of an Indian consumer.

Things we liked 

  • The cost of Patanjali Namak is less
  • Readily available in all grocery stores throughout India
  • Contains Iodine

Things we did not like

  • Costly than Aashirvaad iodized salt
  • The salt has to be added in more quantity for the desired taste.

5. Organic Tattva Natural Rock salt, 500 grams

Organic Tattva Natural Rock salt

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The last salt in our list of best salt brands in India is Tattva organic salt. This brand is a recent addition to the Indian market. The company operates under the motto to help people live a healthier and better life by offering natural products.

Tattva organic salt is rich in calcium and iron. The salt is beneficial for various health reasons. It improves the digestion and immunity of a consumer. Tattva is a leading company of organic products in India.

Things we liked 

  • Absence of pesticides and fertilizers
  • Natural rock salt from Himalaya
  • Consumption of salt can increase the health of the skin and reduce stress in an individual

Things we did not like

  • The only drawback is its price. The salt cost around 35 rupees for 500 grams. Expensive than other brands.

Which type of salt is healthier for you?

The common question among consumers is which salt option is healthier for consumption. One quick tip to remember while picking a health salt is to avoid considering the price. Costly does not mean healthy.

Health experts believe in general that the consumption of unrefined over refined salt is better. They are low in sodium and other additives and rich in vital minerals. Do not spend money on buying exotic salts, which adds a layer to your dish. Generally speaking, no one unrefined salt is better than others. As a chef or home cook pick a salt that suits your cooking style paired with a healthy and active lifestyle.

Types of Salts Available in India

  • Table salt: the most common type of salt used in Indian cooking. Table salt dissolves easily and is rich in iodine. Iodine deficiency can lead to thyroid problems. Hence using table salt in small quantities is good for health.
  • Kosher salt: the next common type of salt that can be found in India is kosher salt. It has longer grains and does not contain iodine. Usage of Kosher salt is recommended for those looking to reduce solid intake.
  • Sea salt: produced from evaporating seawater, rich in sea minerals and contains potassium, calcium, iron, and zinc. Takes time for dissolving and better used before or after cooking the food in measured quantity (not more than 1 tablespoon per day).
  • Low sodium salt: as the name suggests it contains less sodium and beneficial for people suffering from blood pressure.
  • Pink salt: a recent addition to the market, pink salt is also termed as Himalayan rock salt. Pink salt is being preferred for its benefits like reducing muscle cramps, promotes blood circulation, etc.

A Detailed Buying Guide to Salt

When buying any ingredients for cooking it is important to pick one that is of good quality and make. After doing intense research on factors to consider while buying salt we have summarized it into five key things, which are mentioned below.

It is important to consider the following factors before buying any type of salt

  • Quality: the foremost and important factor to consider when choosing salt is the quality. With premium-quality, salt one can expect to reap the health benefits of using it. The good quality salt is safe for cooking and offers a better taste. The quality salt is free from adulteration, which otherwise affects the health of a person. When buying salt do not consider the price associated with it. High priced salt does not necessarily mean they are of good quality. Majority of times a local and less priced salt can be of better quality.
  • Look for pure salts: the best way to ensure that the salt you are using is beneficial for health is by picking pure salts. One cannot easily understand how processed salt is by looking at the cover. Spend some time on the net and other forums and understand how different kinds of salts are made. This knowledge will help you identify how processed salt is just by looking at it. Go for salts that have zero or fewer additives like low sodium salt.
  • Consider its terrain: different types of salts come from different places. Tough it is hard to believe the origin of salt matters. The salt gets its taste, quality, and flavor from the place where it comes from. Sea salt is a good example of terrain. Sea salt is made from evaporating seawater, depending on the place of Manufacture Sea salt will be packed with minerals, iron, zinc, potassium, etc.
  • Understand your requirement: Salt is not a single unit. One can pick multiple types of salt based on the style of cooking. For curing of meat or cooking a stake pick slat with larger flakes like fleur de sel, on the other hand for seasoning of potatoes or fried food fine sea salt can be preferred. It is better to stock your kitchen with more than one type of salt depending on the dishes you cook.
  • Colour: the color of the salt is also an important factor to consider while buying it. Different types of salts have a different color to them. The salt gets its color from minerals present in it and also from the place where it was harvested. For instance, refined salt and low sodium salt are usually white. Whereas unrefined salts have a different color to them such as pick slat with pale pink in color, red salt, black salt with slight grayish-black in color and grey salt.

Apart from the list of factors mentioned above moisture and mineral content are two important qualities to consider while purchasing it.

  • Moisture: the moisture content of the slat you purchase will determine its health benefits. Some brands pack few unrefined sea salts with moisture content in tack. This is a major step, as the moisture helps in retaining the minerals present in it. About 80 percent of minerals can be retained when salts are packed with some moisture in place.
  • Minerals: The composition of the salt is vital when purchasing it. Read the package of the salt you want to purchase to know its composition. Avoid salts with a high amount of sodium chloride or iodine. Look for salts with different minerals in place that are good and beneficial for your health.

On considering the above-mentioned factors one can easily pick a salt. Salt not only adds taste and flavor to the food but using the right kind is healthy.

Go for the best brands that offer quality salts at competitive prices. Also, depending on your family preference pick the type of salt that suits the dishes you cook regularly.

Benefits of Salt

  • Controls the circulation of heart: Sodium ions helps in the transmission of instincts to the cardiac cells to transfer beats and stimuli.
  • Helps in body movement: Sodium-ion allows stimulus to get transferred from nerves to muscles. It, henceforth, allows movement. 
  • Prevents the disorder of iodine: Iodine is helpful in the functioning of the cells and the increased metabolism. It is also required for the proper healthy brain development of the unborn child in caser of pregnant women. Its deficiency can also lead to a thyroid disorder.
  • Rehydration: Due to excessive sweating, electrolytes and water get lost from our body. Sodium ions help to rehydrate our bodies with electrolytes which are nothing but sodium, potassium and magnesium ions.
  • Reduces the risk of having Diabetes: Insulin sensitivity is lower in people with diabetes. Sodium ions help people with diabetes maintain their insulin sensitivity towards blood glucose.
  • Exfoliation properties: Salt can help with your pimples too. It has antibacterial properties in it. So you can exfoliate with it to remove the debris and dirt on your face.
  • Helps to maintain blood pH: The sodium ions in the salt helps to maintain the pH level, which is quite important for the functioning of the brain.
  • Helps to better the skin condition: Salt paste can help in reducing itching and inflammation, which are linked with various diseases of the skin like psoriasis and eczema. It can put on a wound that so that the bacteria get killed.

Types of Salts

With such a wide range of options, it is difficult to decide which salt is good for health in India. There are many variants of salts. The following available types of salt in India are common: 

  • Iodized salt: Also called table salt, iodized salt is the most available type of salt. It is easily dissolved in salt and maintains the level of iodine in your system. Deficiency in iodine can disrupt the thyroid gland issue. It is also necessary for healthy brain development. 150 mcg is the recommended level of iodine to be taken for an individual over 18 years of age. 
  • Kosher salt: This is important to the Jewish religion. It does not have any additives like iodine and once mixed fully; it tastes similar to normal salt. It can is a healthier option in case you want to cut on your sodium consumption. Kosher salt intake should be limited to 2300 mg each day.
  • Sea salt: This is the output that remains after seawater is evaporated. This is the coarse salt left and is difficult to dissolve. Enriched with minerals, its intake should be limited to 1tbsp per day. The minerals are mainly sodium, potassium, iron, zinc and iodine, which are no doubt good for health. 
  • Low sodium salt: The main ingredient of this salt is potassium. These are recommended for people with higher blood pressure since they have less sodium. It has around 30 % less sodium than normal table salt and can be required in greater quantity to have that taste. 
  • Pink salt: Loved for its health benefits, Himalayan rock salt is also called pink salt because of its color. It has high mineral content. Because of this, it can reduce muscle cramps, promotes cell circulation and stabilizes the pH balance of the cells. It is also used for detoxifying baths. 

Bottom Line

Using salt should not be completed stopped. Consumption of salt has advantages and health benefits. The number of brands in the market that sells salts is increasing. Pick salts made by national brands that already have made a name for itself in the food industry.

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