Best Ring Lights for Home use in India 2021

In recent years, the digital world has grown exponentially and due to that, virtual influencers and content creators have started utilizing proper tools to make their content better. A good ring light does not only improve the quality of images and videos but it also makes the content look more professional.

Best Ring Lights

Either one fluorescent bulb or multiple small LED bulbs are used to produce a ring light.  The best ring light provides the subject with clear lighting and eliminates unnecessary colors by stressing specifics.  It is also useful for good color effects and grading. Here we have given a list of the best ring lights that you could buy.


DIGITEK® (DRL 018) Professional 46 CM (18 inch) Big LED Ring Light with 2 Color Modes Dimmable Lighting | For YouTube | Photo-shoot | Video shoot | Live Stream | Makeup & Vlogging | Compatible with iPhone/ Android Phones & Cameras

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DIGITEK manufactures all kinds of cameras, power banks, car adapters, bluetooth speakers, and other gadgets. In this ring lamp, an 18-inch-wide ring made of 240 LED bulbs is provided. This is a great tool to make an outdoor video shoot, live broadcast, mode photography, makeup, YouTube, vlogging, etc. 

The unit consists of two dials for color regulation and strength. To build magnificent portrait lighting, you can set the light intensity from 0 to 100%. It is a light-white and light-yellow model in a two-color or dual temperature LED. You will get to see a shady appealing skin tone coming from the color temperature. 


  • Quick to use the dials 
  • Crafted from 240 LED beads bits 
  • The 180 degrees LED light rotates 
  • 360-degree revolving Mobile stand 
  • Can be used with batteries 


  • You must purchase the stand individually.

2) OCTOVA PRO Quadlux

OCTOVA Ring Light 18 inch with Stand; 96W (Extra Bright) 3200k - 5500K Dimmable LED Kit AC Powered, for Camera; Smartphone;YouTube;Self Portrait Shooting; Tiktok; Musically; Makeup Professionals

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A small brand, the OCTOVA, however, the light has a large base of fans. It has outstanding consumer feedback and excellent assessments.  This is an 18-inch LED SMD Ring Light with 95 watts of power. It is ideal for indoor or outdoor shootings like mode photography, make-up tutorials, TikTok, photography music. Often suitable for tattoo practitioners, cosmetologists, etc. 

It is an efficient light that offers cool and warm colors—white and warm white. There are 3225K and 5600K color temperatures. The level of dimming or lighting can be changed from 0% to 100% 


  • Adjustment of luminous intensity from 0 to 100% 
  • Adjustable 60-inch stand 
  • A standing pack 
  • Excellent reviews from customers 


  • Costly

3) ehook 12 inch Selfie

ehook 18 Inches Big LED Ring Light with Stand for Camera, Video Shooting and Makeup

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Ehook LED light is a perfect photographic equipment you need. It is inexpensive and provides many color and brightness controls. It is an 18-inch LED Ringlight, suitable for live video streaming, Tiktok, music, YouTube, and many other applications. While inexpensive, the temperature presents 3 light colors – cool white, warm and regular light, with 11 color shades. You can select from 33 styles of modification of the brightness level. 

They are fitted with a 60-inch tripod stand. The booth height is from 16-inch to 60-inch adjustable. So during a picture shoot, you can either put it on your desk or stand it 60-inch high. Even the tripod legs can be modified, up to 30-inch stretching.


  • Three shades of light 
  • Adjusting 33 luminosity levels 
  • Remote Wireless 
  • Tripod adjustable 
  • Mobile phone holder 3-way pan-tilt 


  • No assurance, not that trustworthy.

4) Venganza 10 Inches

Venganza 10 Inches Big LED Ring Light for Camera, Phone tiktok YouTube Video Shooting and Makeup, 10' inch Ring Light with 7 Feet Long Foldable and Lightweight Tripod Stand

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The 10-inch Veganza LED light offers positive consumer reviews and is one of the best ring lights for beginners. It offers three temperatures  light-white, warm, and natural modes. Every model is fitted with 11 luminosity levels to fit your image settings. 

The rotating handle and mobile holder are fitted with a 7-feet retractable tripod stand. Even in the face-down role, the smartphone handle can turn horizontally and vertically 360°C. So without getting the phone out of the holder, you get complete power. With the smartphone holder, you can catch various brightness levels in many angles along with the customizable tripod. 


  • 30 adjustments to the brightness level 
  • Color temperature warm, cool and normal 
  • Rotary Phone Holder 360 degree 
  • Tripod stand adjustable 7 feet 


  • Heavy

5) Smooni Big LED Ring Light

Smooni 10 Inches Big New LED Ring Light for Camera Smartphone to Capture Your Photo and Video at Tiktok, Musically and Other Phone's App with Tridop Stand

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If you want to make videos, take selfies, TikTok, Musically, the game changer can be a ring light like this. It consists of 600 LED beads. an the degree of luminosity can be calculated between 0% and 100%. The light has color modes that make your skin look perfect–orange (2800K), warm and white (5500K) for cool tones, and yellow in different environments. 

The light has an adjustable stand, but the height is relatively short. It can extend up to 4 feet and at least 1,5 feet in height. So it’s best on the table,


  • Ideal for selfies and photographing 
  • Made of 600 beads of Lead 


  • Hard to assemble 

6) SHYLOC 18 Big LED

SHYLOC 10 inches Big led Ring Right for Photo and Video with Tripod Stand Compatible with Camera and Smartphones

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The SHYLOC LED ring lamp is a branded product with amazing features. If you are working at a competent level, you can use a lot of filters and light changes. The 18-inch wide ring light, consisting of 480 pieces of LED beads, provides ample light to shoot both indoors and outdoors. This is suitable for technical use, live maquillage, portrait shooting, marriage, party, etc. This ring luminaire provides seven colors, from 3000K to 6000K, so you can expect great outcome.


  • 7 shades or modes of light 
  • 5-meter gap IR remote service 
  • Tripod retractable 
  • Smartphone holder of 360-degree rotation 


  • Quality coul be better


COOLMOBIZ 18 inch Selfie LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand and Cell Phone Holder and 3 Light Mode, Dimmable Desktop LED Makeup Ring Light Kit for Live Streaming, Video

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If you want to create regular, basic content, try this compact, lightweight, low budget ringlight. The COOLMOBIZ brand is incredibly new but the ring lamp is very common. The LED ring bulb has 3 light color shapes – white, warm white, and warm yellow. Every mode has 18 changes in the brightness stage, which is awesome. If produces different effects on various skin tones and the flattering shades are also removed for better performance.


  • Each color mode has 18 brightness levels 
  • The light holder 360 degrees rotational 
  • Smooth and lightweight 


  • Flimsy tripod stand 

Buying Guide for Best Ring Lights

It can be a difficult job to buy the right LED ring light to meet all your pictures. Besides, there are so many choices available on the market, each with a special feature, so choosing which one is going to be perfect is very stressful. We’ve listed all the big factors you should be looking for before finalizing an option to make this simpler for you. 

1- Ring Light’s Color Temperature

The ring light temperature can range from 3000K to 6000K.  Far above 5000K color temperatures are known as “cool colors.” The temperature in the lower colors (approximately 2700 K – 3000 K) is labeled “warm color” 

Wherever a warm or healthy glow is needed for filming or photography, the warm color temperature is used.  The ring lights provide 3 modes of light: normal, warm, and cold; you can always change the dimmer. 

2- Portability

Many photographers have to make a long journey to reach the places they want to shoot. In all cases, it is easier to buy lights that are less huge and lightweight. 

3- Expenses for Aftercare

When you buy a particular object, make sure that its parts are available. In ring lights, it would be better to check the cost of the replacement bulbs. 

4-The Durability of the Product

 Do not try to buy a shabby ring light made from mediocre materials such as plastics. These are not good quality ring lights that will expense you later. 

5- Duration of Chromatic

When used at the hub, some ring lights create errors such as chromatic distortion in the images. So consider the duration before buying one.

6- Settings for Light Intensity

What’s the point of buying a ring light if you can’t shoot at low ISO settings or you are limited by the light yield while dealing with wide openings? Buy a ring light, which allows you to work with a vast variety of light settings to take amazing shots.

7- Sizes

The market includes several different sizes of LED ring lights. A width of 8 to 18 inches is the most widely available format. You will want a smaller ring wrapped around your lens if you are shooting macro.  A smaller ring light can be useful for those who take several close-up shots. 

8- Accessories 

On a tripod stand, most of the LED ring lights must be mounted. However, a few brands have incorporated lightweight ring lights. It is easier to purchase some lights that save you money to buy additional accessories. 

9- Brightness

The brightness levels it provides also need to be monitored before you buy a ring light. Most ring lights have a 0-100 percent brightness level. Some ring lights also give 100 percent luminosity. You can change the luminosity as you wish.

10- Weight

Weight is another critical consideration you should take into account. You will certainly move the point and shoot camera from one position to another when taking pictures or videos to change luminosity, angles, or add variations to the images. 

11- Power

We recommend buying a ring light that provides a long-term battery charge to ensure a smooth and trouble-free service. The lights are mainly USB rechargeable, so look for better quality charging cables.

12- Mobility

Even to handle the handset, the tripod needs to be robust. But it should be light and easy to pack, simultaneously, so that you can move it quickly from one location to another. Some ring lights also comes with a carry bag that can also be helpful.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Do your photos look better with the LED ring lights? 

The ideal lighting conditions definitely enhance the picture’s luminosity and detailing. Your skin looks vivid and wet with LED ring lights. The LED ring light will add little exposure to your face when you shoot if you don’t have ample lighting. 

Is Ring Light nice for Videos? 

Ring lights are best suited for use in photography and videography. The ring light circulation enables the consumer to position the camera or mobile device and focus on the image. 

Does light impact the health of individuals? 

The light bulb does not generate polluting radiation, so it does not cause harm to health, nor does it emit infrared radiation or UV radiation. 

Why are LEDs so luminous? 

The light bulb has a lumen watt score, which means that they are brighter compared with other lights and the 40W light bulb equates to one LED bulb.

Why do the YouTubers use LED ring lights? 

The use of an LED ring lamp is of great benefit for YouTube content creators, whether they film cooking instruction, makeup tutorials, or any kind of videos. The lights of the LED ring are compact and realistic. Without investing much, you can get the perfect illumination and angle. In order to enhance the setup, most of the YouTubers use additional lighting gear and an LED ring lamp.


These were some great ring lights that you could buy. Depending on the budget, you can choose any. We suggest you to refer to our buying guide if you still wonder which is the right one to choose from. It will give you all the information and you will be to decide better. 

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