Top 6 Best Polyester Curtains for Home in India 2021

To enhance the décor of a home and make it look matching to every other theme, curtains play a vital role. From colour to patterns, each factor matters a lot. You can find plenty of manufacturers offering impressive design and built quality, which can easily make you consider Polyester over plain curtains which were used around a decade ago.

One of the most popular types among curtain is Polyester, which is highly durable, and it looks pretty good in the first glare. Pricing surely seems like the important part, but such type of curtain is inexpensive and available at an affordable price point which can make you grab the impressive deal which we are mentioning here in this post.

As there is a huge variety, choosing the best product is quite harder then you may expect it to be. Due to this certain reason, we are here with a list of top 6 best polyester curtain for a home in India in 2019. Let’s get started by knowing the advantages of Polyester and then move to the top 6 products.

Key Benefits

Two types of curtains are popular in market, Linen and Polyester. Both are reliable and widely sold, but Polyester offer many advantages, or it has the upper hand in the below-mentioned factors –

  • Highly Durable and strong for a better life
  • Inexpensive choice as you look at durability factor.
  • Curtains won’t fadeas quickly as other does.
  • Great insulator which helps you keep the temperature maintained.
  • It is Mold resistant along with anti-bacterial properties.
  • The chances to get wrinkled are comparatively lower.

These reasons ensure that you can save money and grab some reliable curtains for the lower price point, which makes it better to approach product.

Best Buy Polyester Curtains Online in India

After going through the built quality, design and price factor, we made a list of these six products that are reliable to go for

1. Home Sizzler 2 Piece Eyelet Polyester Window Curtain

Home Sizzler 2 Piece Eyelet Polyester Window Curtain

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A product with lower price but comparatively better quality in all kind is Home Sizzler 2 Piece Eyelet Polyester Window Curtain. This curtain set nailed the first spot due to impressive built quality, great design and affordability factor. Abstract pattern enhances the looks and matches with décor, that’s why it seems like the best choice for everyone. Built quality and engraved pattern look very much impressive to opt for.

What We Like 

  • Window size perfect for 5 feet frames.
  • Made up of Polyester with 150 thread count
  • Available at the very affordable price point.
  • The abstract pattern makes it look very impressive.

What we Didn’t Like 

  • Durability seems like the major concern after two years.

2. Home Sizzler Abstract 2 Piece Eyelet Polyester Window Curtain Set

Home Sizzler Abstract

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Semi-Transparent curtains look very impressive; that’s why you can find that Home Sizzler Abstract 2 Piece Eyelet Polyester Window Curtain Set has the best properties to opt for. The abstract design is all over the curtains, which makes it better to consider the choice. Washing is always the major issue with curtains, but you don’t have to worry about it because these can be washed in the machine.

What We Like 

  • Polyester curtains with an engraved design.
  • The pattern is engraved, and it is an abstract pattern.
  • Available for a very lower price as you consider the set.
  • Plenty of sizes available for window, door and others.
  • You can choose between 1, 2 and 4 pieces for a better discount.

What we Didn’t Like 

  • Eyelets are made up of poor quality material.

3. Curtainworks Polyester Kendall Color Block Grommet Curtain Panel

Curtainworks Polyester Kendall Color Block Grommet Curtain

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Unexpectedly one of the best designs with a huge variety in this section is Curtainworks Polyester Kendall Color Block Grommet Curtain Panel. It is made up of Polyester, but the variety and number of patterns are making it reliable to use a product that you can prefer without a single issue. The built quality is good enough with the thick fabric, so it is good to go choice.

What We Like 

  • Comes in Huge variety of colours and combos.
  • Five different sizes to help you meet the perfect need.
  • Each panel has two solid colors which won’t fade easily.
  • Simple but the most sophisticated design among all.
  • The transparency level of very low made for a perfect blackout.

What we Didn’t Like 

  • Surely price seems the worst issue, very expensive for no pattern.

4. Home Sizzler Modern 2 Piece Eyelet Polyester Door Curtain Set

Home Sizzler Modern 2 Piece Eyelet Polyester Door Curtain

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After going through all the products, it is time for the last one, which is Home Sizzler Modern 2 Piece Eyelet Polyester Door Curtain Set. The built quality is superior, and there are four different sizes available which can easily suit the need to everyone. You can choose different colours in the same abstract design, which will make you love this product over the other choices available in the market.

What We Like 

  • Four different sizes for window, door, and other needs.
  • Set of two at a very affordable price point with the genuine built quality.
  • Machine wash is possible so it won’t cause much trouble during the wash.
  • Positive reviews for the built and design of the product.
  • Amazing design with an affordable price point.

What we Didn’t Like 

  • Fabric quality isn’t that good.
  • Require proper care during the wash.

5. Homefab India Jute Modern 2 Piece Eyelet Polyester Door Curtain Set – 7ft

Homefab India Jute Modern 2 Piece Eyelet Polyester Door Curtain

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In the section of expensive curtains, you can find plenty of designs which are highly reliable and better to prefer, but Homefab India Jute Modern 2 Piece Eyelet Polyester Door Curtain Set is bit more reliable due to the built quality. It offers the best quality for the price, and the abstract pattern is made up of premium quality, which makes it better to approach as compared to the other ones.

What We Like 

  • Three different sizes are available to choose the right one.
  • Available in four different colours, Blue, Green, Brown and Maroon
  • Two-door curtains with great thickness and comparatively low price.
  • The transparency of the curtain is Opaque, or you can call it a blackout.
  • Metal eyelets are built to last long, and they don’t make any noise.

What we Didn’t Like 

  • Little bit expensive choice as you look at other options.

6. Home Sizzler 2 Piece Eyelet Polyester Door Curtain Set – 7ft

Home Sizzler 2 Piece Eyelet Polyester Door Curtain

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Home Sizzler is surely one of the popular and reputed brands in affordable curtains section. There are plenty of types and designs offered by this brand and Home Sizzler 2 Piece Eyelet Polyester Door Curtain Set is very common in the market. The maroon coloured curtains with abstract floral design enhance the beauty and help to decorate your home in better manners.

What We Like 

  • Print all over the curtain to makes it look better.
  • Four different colour choice is available to choose the best.
  • You can buy it at an affordable price for the size and quantity.
  • Three different sizes are offered by the manufacturer.
  • Transparency type is semi, which allows 30% air passage.

What we Didn’t Like 

  • Quality of the fabric is not that thick isn’t reliable for durability factor.

Buying Guide with Four Important Tips

In order to grab the best deal, you should check out the below mentioned top 4 factors which will ease up the work and help you grab the perfect curtain for your home.

  • Material – Cotton, Polyester and Linen are widely sold curtain types. Each one has its own pros and cons; that’s why you should check out material then decide the rest factors.
  • Manufacturer – Reputed curtains manufacturers always opt for the best quality to keep their brand image positive. So, you should consider a reputed brand if it is in your budget.
  • Size – Curtains are for windows and doors; that’s why you should know the perfect size by taking the measurements. Curtains are available in 5, 7 and 9-feets sizes mainly.
  • Semi-Transparent – Curtains have thickness factor which makes them block direct sunlight. With the semi-transparent curtains, you can expect low light in the room and perfect use.

After considering these factors, you can easily grab the best deal. But, keep it in mind that you check reviews before ordering a curtain set.


It is sure that the built quality matters a lot and if you want the best for the lower price point, then check reviews and return policy during the purchase. If you like the product, then keep it otherwise you can return and buy another one by this method.

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