5 Best Pin Up Notice Board’s Reviews & Buying Guide

The physical pin-up notice board is still considered as an important product in offices, schools, and homes. Technology has made many products obsolete like paper and printer among others. But the use of the notice boards is still going strong. That is because a notice board has lots of functionalities that cannot simply be replaced by technology. It acts as a place to pin to-do lists, posters, events, ideas, and future meetings. These things can be imitated by the software and applications, but it gets mingled among other notifications you receive. So it becomes futile to do this work using the software. But once a work is placed on the physical notice board, it will stay there and constantly remind you of that. This is why the notice boards are still considered important.

The pin up notice board is especially important in the office environment because of the various meetings, ideas, works that go around. You may not know, but the notice board is used even in the housing societies to let the residents know about the rent, due date, and to display other public messages.

We have clearly established the many use cases of the pin up notice boards. But how to buy it and what type to buy? If you are in the market looking for notice boards, then you have come to the right place. Here, we review the top notice boards with their pros and cons. We have also given a detailed buying guide for you folks.

5 Best Pin Up Notice Board in India

1. Jaykal Jnova Notice Board

Jaykal Jnova Notice Board

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The Jaykal pin up notice board is a quality product that is sturdy and durable in construction. It is a 2×3 feet board that is suitable for usage at schools, offices, and homes.  The frame of the board is made up of premium aluminum with ABS corners. It gives the board a premium feel with good aesthetics. The ABS corner makes it a child-safe product, so you can use it at home without the fear of any damage. The high resistance velvet cloth on the board ensures the board can withstand any wear for a long time. The surface conforms to the global standards and firmly holds the push pins, drawing pins even after repeated application.

The Jaykal boards are manufactured in India mainly for Indian offices. You can pin your notes, photos, reminders, and messages in it. This board also acts as a well-organized and efficient work environment. It can be wall-mounted in portrait or landscape position with no risk of dropping down as it is fixed with screws. The screws fixed are concealed behind the board to give good aesthetics. Combined with all these features you also get a one-year manufacturing warranty with this product. So you can buy this product without any worries.


Anti-scratch aluminum frame – The frame doesn’t get scratched or go black. It gives you a premium feel.

Tear-resistant velvet cloth – The fabric cloth gives you a long life without any tear or wear.


  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Comes in different sizes
  • One year manufacturing warranty
  • Comes with wall mounting clip with the box


  • Price could have been  lower

2. Pragati Systems Prima Pin-up Display Board

Pragati Systems Prima Pin-up Display Board

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An ideal board for displaying important information, the Pragati Prima is a series of premium Display boards available in the market. The board hosts a high tear-resistance and self-healing fabric surface made from velvet cloth. This layer firmly holds the pins even after many applications and resists the hole formation effect. The aluminum alloy frame with the ABS edges gives it a good look with high durability. The board is precision-engineered to make it 100% warp-free and 100% flat. It can also be mounted in landscape or portrait on the wall. The wall hanging clips make the mounting process easy and it cleanly hides the mounting screws behind the board. So it gives a good look.

The Prima display board comes in a 3×4 feet, which makes it perfect for offices and schools. This Made In India display board comes in three vibrant colors that suit different environments. The Pragati Prima series is one of the premium high-quality display board that is available in the market. So, you can buy this board with second thoughts if the budget is not your concern.


High-resistance, Self-healing fabric – The fabric on the board resists the hole formation even after repeated use.

Premium Board – The board is engineered to give it a clean flat, warp-free look.

Damage-free shipping – The board is shipped in a high-strength customized packaging. So it offers maximum protection, and zero damage while shipping the product.


  • Comes in different colors that suit different needs
  • Premium quality fabric and frame
  • Wall hanging clips are included with the box


  • High priced product

3. Nechams Prima Pin-up Board

Nechams Prima Pin-up Board

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Nechams Prima Display Board is one of the ideal board for displaying information and notes in offices, hotels, and schools. The Board is 1.5 x 2 feet in size. It also comes in bigger sizes that are 2 x 3 feet and 3 x 4 feet. The board is available in three colors in all the sizes, so it will surely create a vibrant ambiance and catch the attention of all. The fabric surface of this board is made up of high tear-strength polyester. It ensures the longevity of this board. The gluing technology present on this board makes it warp-free, smell-free, and corrosion-free.

The frame of the board is made of aluminum with satin-finish that gives it a good look along with maximum rigidity. The corner is made up of high-strength, low-gloss ABS, which makes the corner safe to handle while giving it a premium finish. The high-density board ensures the documents stay securely when pinned at all times. It also resists hole formation even after repeated pinning. The wall hangers that come with the box are chromium plated. So it ensures the board is mounted with no hassle in both portrait and landscape orientation. This board comes with a six-month warranty. So it guarantees the product will get repaired for free if you detect any manufacturing defects within this period.


High-density Board – It resists the hole formation and ensures the safety of the documents.

Chromium plated-wall hanger – It makes sure the board is mounted on the wall without any hassle.


  • Comes in different colors and size
  • High-quality aluminum frame with ABS corner
  • Tear-resistant fabric surface
  • low price


  • Only a six-month warranty

4. Roger & Moris Premium Notice Board

Roger & Moris Premium Notice Board

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Roger & Mortis is a good value display board that is available for a low price. The fabric surface is a green-colored foam cushion which makes it easy to pin documents and other notes. It also doesn’t let any holes to form after pinning repeatedly. The soft board is well suited for pinning documents and paper. The frame is made up of anodized aluminum that gives it a premium look and makes it scratch-resistant. The corner is made up of ABS, so the board is safe to handle and easy to mount.

The board comes in three colors. They are green, maroon, and blue. The default size of this notice board is 1.5 x 1 foot. It is comparatively a small display board that will be suitable for small homes and offices. It is also compact and light-weight, so you won’t get much trouble in handling this display board. If you want a bigger one, there are two bigger sizes of the same display board available. The bigger sizes are 2 x 1.5 and 3 x 2 feet. It is a versatile and attractive board that is great for use in home, office, and school.


Water-proof – the back of the board is laminated, so it is resistant against water.

Foam cushioned front – the cushioned foam makes it easy to pin and remove without any hole marks.


  • Water Resistant back
  • Best value for money
  • Comes in different color and shape


  • No warranty included

5. Pragati System Genius Pin-up Display Board

Pragati System Genius Pin-up Display board

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We have already seen a premium series of notice boards from the Pragati. The Genius series of display boards from Pragati is targeted more towards the budget end. The tear-resistant fabric surface and the self-healing fabric make this board resistant towards holes that arise from repeated pinning. The frame is made up of aluminum alloy and it is precisely engineered along with the board surface to give it a sturdy feel. The board is also 100% warp-free and flat. The customized glue present on the surface makes it odorless and resistant to catching fungi. The corners are molded from high-impact ABS. It gives the board superior strength and makes it safe to handle.

The board comes with a rigid, flexible hanging clip that doesn’t bend or crack. It is light-weight, sturdy and is made of aluminum. This hanging clip makes it easy to mount the board on both the portrait and landscape orientation. The default size of the board is 2 x 3 feet and the color is red. But it also comes in three colors and a variety of sizes that you can choose based on your surroundings. The Genius display board from the Pragati is ideal for pinning documents at homes, schools, and hospitals. This is also a great alternative to the more premium Prima board series. With all these features, it is one of the best value display budgets available in the market.


Customized Glue – It makes the board odorless and resistant to fungi growth.

High impact ABS and aluminum frame – It makes the display easy to handle and yet gives the frame a sturdy feel.


  • Comes in a variety of sizes and multiple colors
  • Low price
  • Good quality


  • No warranty

Buying Guide for the Pin Up Notice Boards

There are a lot of notice boards available in the market with a variety of features. Though we have reviewed a few good display boards that you can buy confidently, it is important to know about the notice board. It helps you in getting the best board that is suited for your needs. So, here are some things to look out for when buying a display board.


Obviously the size of the board depends upon your need and the space that you have. An office or a school probably needs a bigger board than a home. Because there will be much bigger space available in the office and school than in a home. In the end, the size comes to your preference.

Surface Material

The surface board materials are available in various types such as fabric, cork, or vinyl. Cork is used in traditional boards and is environmentally friendly. But the fabric-based board is now commonly available in the market. The fabric-based board will mostly suit your needs. The important thing to look for is to buy a fabric notice board with self-healing property. It lets the board heal from the hole marks from repeated pinning. It lasts a long time. The final option is the vinyl-based board. These boards can be washed and used easily. They are also available in many colors for your choice. Selecting the surface type of the board is not a difficult task. You can never go wrong with any of the types. But try to buy a board with the fabric-based board as it will be resistant towards holes and will have self-healing properties.


This is simple. A good quality notice board will last a long time without any wear. So choose a board that is resistant to tear and holes. It should also have self-healing property from repeated pinning. These features on the notice board will cost you more. So you need to spend more to get a good quality display board.

Multipurpose function

If you want your notice board to have a multi-purpose function, try to get a combination panel. It will work as a bulletin board, whiteboard, and chalkboard. So buy a combination panel and use it in conferences, workshops, and classrooms.


If you are in the market for a display board, you might think that it is fairly simple to buy one. But with all these features and models, it is easy to get a wrong notice board that doesn’t suit your needs. So, it is important to know a bit about them before buying them. We hope that our review and buying guide gave you clarity in getting the best pin up notice board.

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