6 Best File Racks For Office in India – Reviews and Buying Guide

Paperwork and files play an important role in the office environment. Almost all offices have to deal with a large quantity of paperwork on a daily basis. The thing is that these papers can easily get lost or get mingled with other stuff. So it is important to store the paperwork files in a file rack. It keeps them in an organized manner. When the files are organized in the rack, it becomes easy to store and retrieve. The racks take up only a minimal amount of space and yet can hold a large number of files. With all these perks, it is a must for a company to have a good file rack for their need.

But there are a number of file racks available in the market with various configurations. So it can become a bit confusing when selecting a rack. In this post, we’ve listed some of the best file racks that you can buy in the market with a buying guide.

Best File Racks for Office Reviews with Pros and Cons

1. JD9 Metal Mesh 3 Compartments File Rack Paper Holder

JD9 Metal Mesh 3 Compartments File Rack Paper Holder

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JD9 Metal Mesh Rack helps you to effectively organize all your documents, letters, files, folders, etc to keep your office clutter-free. This 3 tier and black colored rack are made up of metal mesh for increased durability. The rack can be easily put together by following three simple steps and then you can arrange all your files in it. After putting the rack together, it comes at a height of 31.5 cm with length and breadth coming at 29 x 23.6 cm. This 3 compartment metal mesh rack gives you more than 33 percent of free space than the competitors. The three compartments give you more than ample space to store inter-related documents in different compartments for effective organization.

The metal mesh is professionally coated to give it a smooth finish. The overall structure of the rack is sturdy and durable. You can use it to store not only the official documents but also kitchen products, home appliances, etc. In the office environment, this multi-purpose file rack has three slots that are perfect for organizing A4 sheets, paper works, small to medium-sized files, notebooks, folders, books, and more. 


More space with 3 compartments – this 3 slot rack gives you more than 33 percent of free space than the competition.

Easy assembling – this rack can be easily assembled within five minutes by following three simple steps.

High-quality finish – the metal mesh with smooth coating makes it sturdy and durable.


  • Comes with three compartments
  • Compact size
  • Budget-friendly price


  • Not compatible to store huge amount of large files

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2. AmazonBasics Mesh Six Slot File Storage

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The file rack from Amazon is one of the best available which is suitable for all storage purposes. It comes with a six-slot organizer for holding important files and folders vertically. There is also a two tray under the six-slot organizer that is perfect for storing mail, paper stacks, catalogs, folder, and envelopes. It comes at a good dimension of 11.25 x 13.25 x 11.25 in length, width, height. So it provides well room for storing all your important files and yet doesn’t occupy much space. The bottom of this file rack is made of a rubber pad to prevent the rack from sliding or scratching surfaces. The double tray combined with the six-slot organizes seamlessly coordinates to give you one of the best file racks for the money.

More. The rack is made up of durable steel-wire which gives it a long-lasting strength and reliable performance. The black-colored mesh pattern of the rack gives an elegant professional look. It also comes with a one-year manufacturing warranty from Amazon. So you can have peace of mind when buying this product as Amazon has one of the best customer services in India.


Rubber pad bottom – The rubber pad present at the bottom makes it resistant against scratch and slipperiness.

Six vertical slots plus two horizontal tray design – This combination of slots gives the rack good space to hold all kinds of files.

Durable material – this rack is made up of durable steel in mesh design. So it makes the rack sturdy and lasts a long time.


  • One-year warranty
  • Good customer service
  • Sleek professional look


  • High price

3. SEPAL 4 Tier Metal Mesh File Tray

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This quality file tray from SEPAL makes easy to organize your files and remove clutters from your environment. It has four stackable trays where you can store a different array of files such as mail, postcards, A4-papers, and letters. The trays are made of metal brackets that are light-weight and durable. It is also large enough to eliminate any worries of document overflow. The trays also slide back and forth so you can easily store and retrieve your documents. The abs coating gives the file tray a smooth finish while giving it a professional look.

You can easily assemble this tray within three minutes. And after assembling, the tray comes at a size of 28 x 29 x 30 in length, width, and height. As it is made up of sturdy metal, it can hold heavy weight objects binders, books, and A4-booklets. If this 4-tray seems small for you, you can buy the same file tray with 5 tier tray configuration to hold more files. Overall, this desk file tray from SEPAL keeps your desk organized while saving valuable space. With easy assembling steps, you can use this stray at the office or in your home. This quality paper tray from SEPAL comes with a one-year warranty so you can buy it with confidence.


Large sturdy compartments – The file tray has four large compartments that can hold a large number of files and folders. They have a high strength to hold heavy files.

4-tier slidable mesh tray – This tray can slide back and forth for easy storing and retrieval. The mesh design gives the tray a good professional look.


  • Elegant design
  • High durability
  • one-year warranty
  • Easy to assemble and use


  • The size is not compact

4. JD9 Office Tray

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JD9 office tray is another JD9 product on our list, but this is a budget option office tray. Unlike the previously mentioned office tray, this is made up of plastic. But it is way less in price while also offering more space to store files than its competitors. This is a 4 tier desktop organization rack that is made up of blue plastic which is excellent for storing mail, magazines, and files. The trays have enough gap between them to keep files in place. The four rack system gives you the option of storing the files priority-wise. The whole tray is designed in a way such that the rack won’t fall off even when you lift the organizer from place to place.

The JD9 tray is easy to assemble within 5 minutes by following three simple steps. After assembling, the tray comes at a size of 36cm x 15cm x 68cm in height, length, and width. The plastic rack is strong enough to keep heavy load while still offering large space to store a number of files and folders. The plastic design also makes this desk organizer capable of lasting a long time. This pocket-friendly desk tray is suitable for not only office but home use too. With a 10 day replacement and warranty from the manufacturer, this tray is the best to buy in the budget segment.


Durable Plastic – The plastic finish makes this tray durable for a long time without any tear or wear.

Good clearance height – The four trays have a clearance height of 70mm between them. It is spacious enough to hold a high number of files and folders.


  • 10-day return policy
  • low price and good value for money
  • suitable for home and office


  • plastic material makes it look a bit unprofessional

5. Kurtzy Black Wire Metal File Rack

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This high-quality metal file rack has four slots to keep your desk organized. Made up of steel with smooth coating, this rack is sturdy enough to hold heavy files and binders. The Kurtzy black metal rack is compact too coming at a height of 31 cm and 29 x 32 cm in length and breadth. The four slots are perfect for organizing A4 or smaller files, paper works, magazines, notebooks, folders, books, and other documents.

The hollow out body of the tray is ventilated so it keeps the files dry and keeps the dust away from gathering. The compact size of the tray saves spaces on your desk while having four different sections to organize files and folders easily. The black metal mesh design gives the rack a professional-looking design.


Quality design – The steel mesh makes it durable for a long time with a smooth coating.

Multipurpose four slots – The 4 trays are perfect for organizing different files and folders in a priority-wise.


  • Compact in size
  • Multipurpose slots
  • Hollow out body for good ventilation


  • No warranty
  • Price is a bit high

6. Callas Metal Mesh File Organizer

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Callas is one of the leading brands when it comes to home and office organization products for over ten years. This file holder from Callas is a vertical shaped one to keep your desktop clear with high functionality. It has five slots for organizing magazines, files, and other documents. The unique specialty of this organizer is that it can be mounter or hanged on the wall. The hardware set is provided with the product to mount it on the wall. The two hanging angles are provided with the product to hang this organizer anywhere you want. It can also be kept in the desk vertically if you don’t want a wall mount or hang it. But when you hang it in the wall, it makes your desk clutter-free. The organizer is made up of high-quality steel mesh construction with a black powder coat finish.

This file organizer is large enough to store all your files and folders. If you want something compact, then you can buy the same product in the Medium or Standard size. Overall, this quality product from Callas is one of the best in the market.


Wall mount or hanging option – Hardware set is provided with this product so it can be wall-mounted or hanged.


  • High-quality mesh design
  • Five slots are more than capable to organize all your files.


  • No warranty comes with this product

Buying Guide for File Racks

There are a lot of things that you should look for when buying file racks. You should know about it if you are in the market to buy one. Here, we have provided brief notes on the things to look for.


File rack comes in two main designs such as standard, and modular. Some racks are modular, and you have to assemble it to use it. Some are standard which comes assembled right out of the box. Though the modular can be easily assembled, it can be a bit hassle for you. The main advantage of having a modular design is that you can quickly disassemble and move it to other places. If you don’t prefer a modular one, buy a standard rack that doesn’t require any assembling work.


The file rack comes in two main materials. They are plastic and metal. Plastic racks are less in price but don’t give you the office a professional look. They are also not as durable as the metal racks. But the metal racks cost high than the plastic one and has a smooth finish with a black coating. The metal rack will be perfect for office use while the plastic rack is good for home use.


If you have lots of files and folders to organize, then buy a rack that has many slots and shelves. But they tend to be much bigger in size and occupy a lot of space. You can always choose a compact rack with fewer slots. But it cannot hold many objects. So the choice comes down to your preference and how much you want to store in the rack.


A file rack is unique furniture that keeps your desk organized. So it is important to choose the right rack for your needs. We hope our post with the review of the file racks and the buying guide helps in choosing the right file racks for your office and home.

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