Top 8 Best Electric Face Massager Machine in India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Over the years, society has turned its focus on the beauty and people all over the world try all kinds of stuff to look attractive and beautiful. Whether you talk about skin lightening creams or other skin care products, people use everything that can result in their favor and make them look glorious. Undertaking some new and healthier diets is something new in order to appear attractive. Although, these mentioned things can work for people and give them what they really want.

However, the face massager has still been a promising and leading tool that you can use to gain all skin benefits. An average face massager helps to boost up your appearance in a number of ways. The issues like pores can easily be solved by using a face massager. In addition, a face massager improves circulation and allows our muscles to get relaxed. Removal of the stress line can be another magnificent benefit of using the face massager.

Nowadays, the worldwide product’s market is flourishing as like the face massagers. It means there is a wide range of face massagers available that come with quite reliable features and specifications. Rechargeable and electric face massagers have been common to find when you look for types of face massagers. 

Best Buy Face Massager Machines Online in India

Nevertheless, we have chosen the top 5 face massagers for you that not only provide remarkable features but also match your budget.

1. Nova 5 in 1 Compact Face Massager (Pink)

Nova 5 in 1 Compact Face Massager

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If you are a person who wants to use a facial massager that provides significant facial benefits, you can consider this facial massager availed by Nova. Unlike most of the products accessible on the market today, this face massager will provide some great features which can be helpful for you to have very good massage therapy.


  • This face massager contains soft sponge cleaning head
  • It is a 5 in 1 facial massager
  • 2*AA batteries are available
  • It contains a soft massager head
  • You get brush cleaning head
  • Lower weight makes it portable
  • This massager comes with 5 attachments which help you for massaging
  • It is designed for powerful tapping massage therapy
  • This face massager gives a cleaning head installation, battery cover, handle, and the key to open
  • It is a shockproof face massager


  • It is made up of high-quality materials
  • It is good for the head, face and eyes facial massages
  • This massager makes your skin healthy and smooth
  • It works gently on your facial muscles
  • Easy to handle


  • Proper functioning of this face massager can be in questions
  • Buyers can consider the price once

2. Lifelong LLM126 Electric Portable Face Cleanser and Massager

Lifelong LLM126 Electric Portable Face Cleanser

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Face massager is a much-required product for many people. Yes, you can consider this Lifelong LLM126 Electric Portable Face Cleanser and Massager to get one of the leading face massagers.  The manufacturer of this product has a great reputation and that’s why you buy it.


  • This product is highly durable and perfectly designed
  • It can rotate at a good speed
  • This product is waterproof so you can use it during bath
  • The quality of brush bristles is magnificent
  • This facial massager comes with for interchangeable heads along with 360-degree rotation
  • To remove impurity from your skin, it provides gentle facial brushes
  • It is available with a Cosmetic sponge
  • You get body buffing brushes that can help you to exfoliate dead skin cells
  • Pumice stone
  • It can be used for all types of skins
  • This product has a cordless structure


  • Quality is a constant thing that you can get in all the things provided by this product
  • This face massager can help you to relax your facial tissues and muscles
  • It is highly reliable for removing impurities and cleanse the skin
  • It can be used for moisturizer application and massaging
  • It helps you to exfoliate off dead skin cells to reveal a roseate skin
  • It is highly useful for removing hard skin under foot or elbow


  • The back cover of batteries can be totally unacceptable and of low quality
  • No spare brushes available

3. JSB Hf86 Face Massager Machine 

JSB Hf86 Face Massager Machine 

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This face massager machine is extremely worthy as it can provide so many specifications and excellent skin benefits. JSB Hf86 Face Massager Machine can work as anti-aging, dark spot, acne and scar remover. In your search for a good home beauty massager, this product can be in the top recommendation.


  • This low-intensity face massager machine is ideal for both men and women
  • This product is available in a very lightweight
  • This is a low strength ultrasonic wave-based massager which is effective
  • The positive current will cleanse and tone your skin, while the negative current will increase flexibility and vigor of the skin
  • The low power consumption is a good feature of this product
  • This machine can be assisted by various creams and lotions for much better results
  • It is operated by 1 x cr2032 Lithium battery


  • This face massager can be used as a special anti-aging dark spot eraser
  • It is extremely beneficial for removing acne and scar
  • This product has a lightweight hence, you can use it in your home and make your skin glowing
  • It might be easy for you to take daily care of your skin with this special face massager


  • There is no inbuilt timer hence, you need to keep a track of 30 seconds
  • The plastic cover for the brush is missing

4. Lifelong LLM720 Rechargeable Cleansing Face Massager

Lifelong LLM720 Rechargeable Cleansing Face Massager

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Would you love to use a highly recommended rechargeable cleansing face massager? If yes, then Lifelong LLM720 Rechargeable Cleansing Face Massager is honestly a good pick for you. If you are looking for excellent quality in a rechargeable facial cleanser and massager, you can consider purchasing this facial massager machine without any doubt. The compact size and sleek body of this facial massager can be the common features that you will get.


  • This facial massager is available in a compact size and sleek body which makes it perfect in terms of design and style
  • The battery backup is excellent
  • This facial massager machine is rechargeable and it makes this product much more special for everyone to use
  • You get three interchangeable heads along with 360-degree rotation
  • This product gives deep cleaning brush, makeup removal head, and cleaning fiber brush as its three attachments
  • This face massage machine is highly portable so you can carry it with you wherever you want
  • This product is water-resistant
  • This face massager is also popular for low power consumption


  • This massager can help you to remove oil, dirt, makeup residue and provides good and healthy skin to the users
  • The soft and 3 brushes can reach the deep pores of your skin
  • You will be able to rotate this machine in an anticlockwise and clockwise direction
  • This face massager is extremely convenient and easy to use
  • As mentioned, this product is highly portable


  • The cleansing brushes of this product are too soft, and that’s why I may not work for cleaning the skin as efficiently as you want.
  • It can get switched off which can be a drawback

5. EAYIRA Beauty Care Brush Deep Clean 

EAYIRA Beauty Care Brush Deep Clean 

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If you are looking to pay for a 5 in 1 battery beauty care massager, this product from EAYIRA can be a top choice. To massage and clean your skin without facing some problems, you can consider purchasing this face massager without any kind of doubt. In fact, this product comes with a number of other amazing features.


  • It comes with a crude polish accessory that helps you to rip the tough skin
  • The Rolling massager provided by this product makes much better blood circulation
  • The brushes provided in this product are soft
  • This product has a lightweight
  • This face massager machine is extremely portable so you can carry it
  • Application and massage of cream to better penetrate the skin


  • This face massager can be extremely beneficial for removing impurities and cleansing your skin
  • The Rolling massager makes better blood circumstances from skin aging
  • You can remove the hard cells under the foot or album
  • Exfoliating of the dead skin cells easy work with this product


  • This can be harsh for some facial skins
  • Price could be considered by the buyers

6. HEMIZA Multifunction Portable Facial Cleaner Relief Face Massager

HEMIZA Multifunction Portable Facial Cleaner Relief Face Massager

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To prevent the aging symptoms over the facial skin, face massager plays a vital role. Additionally to improve the blood circulation over the facial skin and to retain the youthful skin, the roller-type massager is the best. One such product from Hemiza is the multifunction facial massager. If you are searching for a good multifunction massager, then buy this product.


  • This massager has the latex soft sponge to massage around the eye area and make-up sponge to massage and cleans the facial skin
  • The dimension of the massager is 13×4.5cm. The massager serves as the best option in exfoliating the dead skin cells
  • This massager is light-weight and handy
  • To clean this massager, use water and maintain the temperature within 50C but never use detergent or alcohol gas
  • One has to remove the battery from the massager after every use
  • The massager is operated by 2xAA batteries and has 5 accessories to provide 5-in-1 massaging functions


  • It has latex soft sponge to provide eye and cheek massaging
  • It has a soft brush to clear all the scaly dry skin


  • Some people complained that they got damaged one

7. Lifelong LLM126 Electric Portable Face Cleanser and Massager

Lifelong LLM126 Electric Portable Face Cleanser and Massager

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If you are looking for a multi-functional face massager that provides the cleansing, scrubbing, exfoliating, removing blackhead and massaging the skin, then go with this Lifelong multi-functional face massager.


  • The massager comes with 4 interchangeable heads and all of them provide 360-degree rotation
  • The massager’s facial brush removes the impurities and provides cleansing of the skin. Again this massager has 4 interchangeable heads
  • To moisturize the skin, it has the cosmetic sponge
  • To retain the youthful skin, one has to use the body buffing brush


  • Best for daily use
  • Eliminates hard skin under foot or elbow with its pumice stone
  • Reputed brand of offering a 1-year warranty


  • It is somewhat expensive

8. CIVILION Portable Electric Multifunction Massager

CIVILION Portable Electric Multifunction Massager

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One of the best portable massagers that are completely light-weight to use over the facial skin is the Civilion electric massager. This massager comes with multi-functional options to exfoliate the dead skin cells.


  • The massager has five massaging heads such as massage sand sheet, makeup sponge, latex soft sponge, massage wheel, and nylon brush.
  • All the different massage heads provide various functions to improve your skin.
  • Latex soft sponge provides a soft massage over the eye areas to remove the dark circles
  • The size of the massager is 13×4.5cm and the massager helps the cream to better penetrate the skin


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Provides anti-aging effects


  • The massager is difficult to use over the neck area, as the neck skin is very thin.

Buying Guide about Face Massagers

As you have become familiar with the basic things about a face massager now, you need to know how you can pick the best one. As mentioned, there are lots of brands available, it can be difficult for you to determine which one is going to be the most excellent choice for you in terms of a face massager.

Skincare is always important for both men and women. To maintain an enigmatic personality, massage therapies are always considered. Honestly, you need some sort of help from the buying guide.  A good buying guide about the face massager machine can openly provide great assistance while buying the face massager machine. This is why you have to be familiar with the following things while buying a face massager:

Easy to use: first of all, you should consider the easiness as a critical factor while buying the face massager machine. Your chosen face massager machine should be easy to use. Your face massager machine should be convenient to use in various conditions.

Size and design: you need to consider the design and size of the face massager machine. If you will not pick the right size of your face massager machine, you would face problems to use it and handle it. Design is always a critical thing to consider when you are buying the face massager machines. Choose the designs which look attractive and helps you to efficiently use the electric face massager machine.

Portability: most of the new age face massager machines are available with lightweight. This is why portability can become yet another considerable thing while buying the face massager machines.  Make sure that you will always go for an extremely portable face massager machine.

Purchasing Price: of course, you will have to consider the purchasing price of the face massager machine. If you are ready to pay more and more you should try to get all-inclusive features and specifications in your face massager.

Rechargeable vs Non-rechargeable: in the same situation, you will have to determine whether you will go with a rechargeable face massager machine or you will go with a non-rechargeable face massager machine. According to your requirements and preferences, you can consider purchasing the best face massager machine.

Waterproof and shockproof: during the selection procedure of your face massager, you will have to check out the waterproof feature. In other words, you will have to confirm that the chosen face massager is completely waterproof. Similarly, you can consider purchasing a face massager which is shockproof.

Quality of the brushes & other accessories:  the buyers also need to consider the quality of cleaning brushes provided by a face massager.

Low power consumption: Above all the considerations, you should select the best face massager machine which will consume low power. It can be said that low power consumption is yet another important thing that you have to consider during the buying procedure of a face massager machine.

Types of face massages you can Buy

Massage is a significant way to manipulate the deep layers of the body. It is also helpful in many other activities related to a body like healing that provides relaxation to the tissues. Massage also helps in delivering psychological relief, and in the 21st century of cosmetic treatments, facial massages are very important. There is also various face massage machine available in the market which can fulfill the purpose of face massage at him.

Let’s talk about various types of face massages, which will make your skin glow and look fresh.

Remedial massage

Remedial massage is for those whose skin looks dull and lifeless. A person can get a more glowing and radiant skin tone with this type of massage. Remedial massage helps to remove all the dead skin cells and helps to repair the sensitive skin. There are various electric facial cleanser massager machines available in the market that will help you get a perfect remedial massage to your skin.

Lymphatic massage

This type of massage can help get relief from all kinds of puffiness and redness. It increases the circulation of blood and also removes all the blackheads and other toxins. This type of massage is very gentle on the skin and helps to release stress.

Shiatsu therapy or finger pressure massage

This type of massage originated in China, which uses acupressure points, special devices, fingers, palms, hands, etc. Finger pressure massage helps to get rid of wrinkles, reduces fine lines, and improves muscle tone.

Roller face massage


All the face massagers that come with a roller system are generally manually operated. There are many electric massagers with this roller system. To set your massage game strong, you need to press the roller against the surface of your skin. 

Ultrasonic face massage

These are some of the expensive massagers that are available in the market. Many of them are battery operated and produced an ultrasonic sound that helps to cleanse the skin and improve the quality of your skin from within. With this advanced mechanism, the best possible results can be found in your skin.

How extra to look for the best face massager?

Here are some points to discuss on how to choose the best face massager.

  • While choosing the face massager, one should ensure its speed and function. Sufficient speed is necessary for good massage on the skin. Some of the best face massagers in India under 1000 provide excellent speed and function. Many massages in the market turn off within 5 to 7 minutes, helping to maintain a track of total massage time.
  • While choosing a face massager, one should shortlist for an easy to operate massager as it can easily be cleaned, and it can be used inside the bathroom or in the shower. These waterproof massagers are used with batteries installed in them, and therefore they are much better than the cord ones. Facial massage machine which are water-resistant are readily available in the market. Lastly, Price is the essential thing that everyone should check before buying a facial massage machine. One can compare the prices of different massagers that are available online and can buy the product which best suits the pocket.
  • Electric facial cleaner massager machines have many types of attachment in them. While buying it, one should check whether it is equipped with different accessories in it or not. Attachment helps to ensure that you get the best face massage for your skin. Some facial massage machines also have the attachment of human stone with it, which can also be used to exfoliate the skin layers from within.

Bottom line

As you have collected comprehensive details about various face massager machines, it might be easy for you to choose the best one out.

All the mentioned products are shortlisted keenly by the experts and hence, you can consider any of the face massagers mentioned according to your preferences and desires.                                                                 

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