AC Buying Guide – Things To Consider Before Buying An AC 

Choosing the right AC plays an extremely important role. There are a lot of factors and functions you need to consider while purchasing, as you would not want to spend your savings on something that lets you down. So to help you get a good product, here are a few important things you need to consider while buying an AC. 

Types of AC 

While purchasing an air conditioner, plan and decide according to your needs and figure out what type of AC you are looking for. Ideally, AC’s come in three categories; Window AC, Split AC, and Portable AC. Here is a brief explanation of all of them:

Window AC: As the name suggests, the structure of this AC is like a window. A single unit clambers on the wall and it has exceptionally easy installation requirements. This type is ideal to cool your single bedroom or rooms. You can choose this type of AC if you have a restricted budget and are looking for an energy-efficient product. 

Split AC: These are air conditioners that have 2 units for outdoors and indoors. Their installation costs at times can burn your pockets. These are ideal for large rooms or halls. You can opt for this type of AC if you have a large space or multiple rooms. 

Portable AC: These air conditioners are extremely lightweight and movable. They are ideal for cooling your tiny/ small rooms. They need a specific type of crafted exhaust house. You can opt for this AC if you have multiple rooms and want to cool them with a single unit. 

Type of AC: Inverter Or Regular?

The kind of AC you install in your spaces plays an important role. So have a look at the options mentioned below to develop a better understanding.

Inverter AC

  • These air conditioners offer quick cooling and are extensively energy efficient. 
  • They make low noise 
  • Compressor faces no high voltage 
  • They last for a longer period
  • Extremely expensive 

Regular AC

  • These air conditioners offer slow cooling and consume a lot of energy and power. 
  • Pretty noisy than the inverter Ac
  • Voltage fluctuations are a difficulty
  • Does not last long 
  • Extremely cheap in costs

Cooling Capacity 

The cooling capacity of an AC depends on your space size. Example 1 ton AC for a tiny room of 200 sq feet is extremely sufficient as the AC can hold the load. Likewise, for a 1000 sq feet space, a 1-ton ac is not suitable. 

Whether or Temperature

The weather condition of your environment plays an important role while purchasing an AC. If you’re someone who’s staying in a massive heated place, then a 1.5 ton or a 2-ton ac for a medium-sized space is advisable to you. Similarly, a 1-ton AC should be okay for your huge or medium-sized space if you reside in a cold environment. 

Noise level 

None of us can handle disturbance, so the noise level plays a needful role while buying an AC. If you have toddlers in your room or you have weak sleep, a noisy AC can cause you a lot of strain. So don’t forget to check for the noise level especially if you’re planning to purchase a window AC. Split ac would be our suggestion to you. 


Having a modern home can make you wish for integrating your AC’s with your devices installed at your place. So look for an ac, which offers you good compatibility with devices installed at your house. 

Power consumption

One of the most crucial parts of a buying guide for AC is to help you understand the essentials of power consumption. Always lookout for the BEE ratings on the AC you wish to purchase. The ratings are marked with 5 stars. An AC with 5 stars helps you save INR 3000 per year. Likewise, an AC with 1 star helps you save INR 1200 only. Therefore the better the rating, the better chances of saving energy and your pockets.

Additional Features


There are a few of the additional features you can look for if you’ve been investing more wealth. The self-clean feature is one of them. This feature automatically strides the brushes on and across the filter and cleans the dirt stuck on the unit. 

Wifi compatibility 

The wifi compatibility feature makes using an AC effortless. It enables you to wirelessly operate the AC even when you’re not at home. 

Voice command 

A voice command feature lets you operate the AC through voice completely hands-free. 

After-sales sales service and warranty 

One of the most important things to check is the after-sales services offered by the company as it plays an essential role toward a long-lasting AC. If feasible, check for an AC brand that offers you a good warranty on it. 

Aluminium coil or copper coil

Coils are other vital factors to look for while purchasing an air conditioner as these determine the complete efficiency. There are two types of coils; Copper and Aluminium. Here are some features of both coils.

Copper Coils 

  • These coils have high heating transferability. 
  • Their air conditioners are extremely durable
  • These have impoverished pliability
  • These coils can decompose
  • Maintaining these coils require no great maintenance 
  • The cost is pretty higher for the copper coils AC

Aluminium Coils 

  • These coils have low heating transferability when compared to copper coils
  • These coils are not long-lasting 
  • Fairly pliable 
  • These coils can decompose 
  • Maintaining these coils require great maintenance and cleanliness
  • The cost is pretty cheaper for the aluminium coils AC


So here were the few factors you need to consider and keep a note of while purchasing an Air Conditioner. These factors will make sure that don’t put your money in vain and cherish your best buy. 

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