Buying Guide For AC In India

Buying guide for ac

AC has become a necessity during the summer especially if you live in India. In India the summer are getting hotter and hotter.

If your thinking of buying a new AC unit for your home or even office then you are in the right place because today we are going to help you select the right AC as per your need.

In this Buying guide for ac, we will answer all your question and make sure all your doubt ar clear about 1) Window AC vs Split AC, 2) Technology used in AC, 3) Capacity, 4) Copper or Aluminium and 5) Star Rating.

1) Window AC vs Split AC

If you are confused what should you buy window AC or split AC this thing depends on 2 factors:

1) Budget: If you are on a tight budget then you should go for Window AC unit as they are very budget-friendly as compare to split AC.

The installation charge of Window AC is very low as compare to split AC

Window AC makes more noise while working as compared to a split Air Conditioner.

2) Space: If your house which doesn’t have any space on the window or your window is very small then you can’t install window AC on it.

The installation of the window AC unit is a very hectic job because you need to hile installing you need to make a proper window and make a wooden frame for its support.

Split AC is very easy to install but the installation charge is more as compared to window AC.

Earlier there was a Myth that window AC does faster cooling then split AC but it is completely wrong.

2) Technology

Earlier if you set a particular temperature in the air conditioner, once your air conditioner cools your room to that temperature, the compressor in that air conditioner should get turn off for a while and turn off automatically after a while.

But the new Dual inverter technology has changed the way AC works.

Dual Inverter ACs are a step ahead of the normal Inverter ACs. They come with an advanced BLDC motor with a wider range of frequency helping it to maintain the desired temperature with minimal fluctuations. Dual inverter ACs uses variable tonnage technology. So ACs with Dual cooling technology coming with 1.5-ton capacity can vary the tonnage from as low 0.26 ton to as high as 1.71 ton according to the ambient conditions and the user requirement. If you are looking for brands with dual inverter technology, I would recommend LG. You would see that the LG AC price of the dual inverter model is a bit on the higher side as compared to the normal inverter AC, but it can effectively save up to 50 % of running cost and they can perform even at high temperatures of up to 52°C.

In short with dual Inverter ACs, you will get the benefit of faster cooling, reduced power consumption, low operational noise and greater stability.(Source)

3) Capacity

Another important thing you need to consider in this AC buying guide is the capacity of the AC or the Ton of your AC.

The capacity of AC is not determined by its weight it is determined by its cooling capacity.

For example, if you are planning to buy a 1 ton AC then that means that 1 ton AC will do as much cooling as a 1 Ton ice cube would have done.

What Ton AC should I buy?

If your room size is less then 120sqft then you should go for 1 ton Air conditioner( The best 1 ton AC are)

If your room temperature is more then 120sqft to 200sqft then you should go for 1.5-ton air conditioner.

And if your room size is more then 200sqft then you should go for a 2-ton air conditioner.

4) Copper or Aluminium

This will depend upon its repairability

AC unit which are made of copper are costly but they are very easy to repair and has a long life.

AC unit which is made with aluminium are more affordable but has a high maintenance cost and distribute low heat compared to a copper air conditioner.

5) Star Rating

energy rating for AC

Honestly, 3 stars or 5 stars rating doesn’t matter if you are AC is working day and night.

It totally depends on how you use your AC.

The non-inverter AC come only up to 3 stars and not more than that because they either work on full power or at zero power.

But inverter AC is available up to 5 stars.


We hope all your doubts before buying an AC are over and this article about Buying guide for ac would have helped you find an ideal AC for your home. Still, if you have any question then don’t forget to ask it in the comment section below.

Thank you!!!!

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